Medical Cannabis Certificate Alumni Highlight: April Hatch MSN, RN

By Pacific College - November 16, 2020

Medical Cannabis Certificate Alumni Highlight:

April Hatch MSN, RN

During the Spring of 2020, I was looking to further my education in medical cannabis. I had several courses under my belt, spent time with Dr. Dustin Sulak in Maine, had experience working with cannabis patients, but was looking for a higher-education program that would allow me to refine my current role and help me build my business. I was looking for a program specifically designed for health-care professionals taught by health-care professionals, and I was aware of the experience and professionalism of the program’s faculty. As a Master’s-prepared RN, I understand the value of quality education from an accredited institution, and I decided to invest in myself, my practice, and my patients.

In-Depth Learning and Application in the Program

There are limits to what you can teach yourself or learn in one of the many brief cannabis courses currently being offered. In the Medical Cannabis Certificate program, I was able to apply what I was learning in a variety of learning activities.  Each week consisted of coursework that involved reviewing current research, discussing how we would apply it to our current practice, an evaluation, and self-reflection. Topics ranged from drug interactions to federal laws to how to provide holistic care for patients. I learned the scope and standards for my practice and how to protect my license. I was able to create care plans, copy, and collateral I can use in my practice. It gave me the experience and confidence to grow my business and offer our services in other states. It showed me the value of what I have to offer, and my earned income has nearly doubled.

My current role

As an RN for 15 years, I have been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Patient advocacy and public health have always been an essential part of any one of my roles as a nurse. However, it was only six years ago when I saw what a miraculous plant cannabis was when it was the only treatment that worked for my son.  Now, as the Co-Founder of the Cannabis Care Team, I can provide qualifying patients with the education, support, and advocacy they need to experience the medical benefits of cannabis and consume it safely. I am dedicated to ensuring patients have access to quality products and knowledgeable cannabis industry professionals. My team and I provide a variety of educational seminars and consultation services to cannabis dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators. However, we pride ourselves on our community outreach, and our greatest reward is our patients’ success.

Learn More About Medical Cannabis Certification

Are you interested in learning more about the proper use, indications and contra-indications of medical cannabis as part of an integrative healthcare approach? Pacific College’s 8-credit medical cannabis certificate program is also available as an elective in the holistic nursing, public health education and health & human performance programs! Pacific College is regionally accredited by WASC’s WSCUC and offers financial aid to those who qualify. Visit our calendar page to see a schedule of our free upcoming info sessions.

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