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You may be graduating and entering the workforce, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the benefits of Pacific College behind! We are still here for you in every step of your journey.

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Registered alumni will also receive the following perks:

Career Services

We strive to help alumni define their career goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them. We provide a variety of services to alumni, including career consulting and advising, job postings for degree program grads, resume/cover letter preparation and revision, interviewing skills resources, and a forum platform for alumni connections (PCAN).

Trade client referrals, get clinical support for tough cases, and solicit opinions from seasoned practitioners about practice management in addition to accessing information about the professions, discounts, and other resources.

Community Outreach Opportunities

Pacific College receives requests from a variety of medical institutions and community organizations for talks and demonstrations, and we often pass these opportunities on to our graduates as well as advising grads on preparing for the events.

ADVANCED Certifications

Transfer credits or receive priority admissions to a variety of online certificate or advanced courses.

Transcript Requests

Official and unofficial copies of Pacific College transcripts, certificates and diplomas are available to students and alumni by filling out an electronic request on the website.

Pacific College (.edu) Email for Life

granting you discounts on sites such as Amazon and access to Microsoft Office Suite with Excel, PowerPoint, etc. (based on current Microsoft user agreement).

Courses and Advisement to Assist with Passing State and National Exams

Referral to tutors, prep classes, and State and National Board resources as well as advisement regarding the testing and licensing process.


Clients are referred to alumni both by the college and by fellow graduates. Contact Alumni Services for patient referrals.


All three Pacific College campuses boast modern library facilities that house expansive collections of educational material that we welcome our alumni to continue to utilize to broaden their research in Healthcare and Wellbeing. Lifelong access to Pacific College online resources, including subscriptions to medical and other databases for full text articles, is a benefit of being a Pacific College graduate.

Discounts on Continuing Education

Including the world-renowned Pacific Symposium. We assist our alumni in continuing their education by providing a variety of CEU events on campus and online. Featuring prominent guest teachers from all over the world, these serve as networking and social opportunities as well as educational offerings. We also offer a 10% discount on college courses taken after graduation (only applicable for courses from the program from which you have graduated). Alumni may audit courses they have already taken to refresh their knowledge for as little as $100.


As a graduate of one of the Pacific College Master’s in Acupuncture programs, you are also provided with a direct pathway to a Doctorate by way of the Upgrade to Doctorate Program for Pacific College Master’s Alumni (DAc/DAcCHM).

Please feel free to contact Career Services for help or with any questions.
We’re here for you: [email protected]

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