Application Guide

Candidates are accepted for entry each term, while applications are accepted throughout the year. Students may enroll up to the first day of classes in any term. Prospective applicants are encouraged to apply for admission well in advance of the beginning of classes because class size is limited and classes are subject to closure or cancellation. Students needing financial aid are encouraged to apply at least 30 days prior to the start of a term.

1. To apply, an applicant should send the following to the Office of Admissions:

  1. A completed Pacific College Application Form (Online or by Mail)
  2. Application fee ($50)
  3. One current, full-face, passport-size photo for student file
  4. A personal statement describing your motivation for entering the field of Chinese medicine, holistic nursing, and/or massage therapy. The doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s programs’ essay should be typed, double-spaced, and approximately 1 to 2 pages in length. Applicants to the associate’s and massage therapy programs must write 2-3 sentences in the space provided on the application describing their reasons for entering this profession; no written statement is required for non-matriculated or public education applicants.

Other Important Application Information Required:

  1. Doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree applicants’ official transcripts from all colleges and massage programs should be sent directly to Pacific College from the institution. If applicable, please have the records department of your college send the password to retrieve an e-transcript from a college website to the registrar of Pacific College. For quicker processing of your application while the college awaits official transcripts, you may send unofficial copies of your transcripts with your Application Form.
  2. International documents in a non-English language require an accompanying, original, certified translation into English, including year-to-year records of each college or university attended. Indicate the number of lecture and laboratory hours or units devoted to each course as well as grades received. Include copies of official documents indicating the award of degrees with the title and date conferred. Students who submit these kinds of transcripts will be required to submit official documentation to the California Acupuncture Board as well, at the time of application to the CALE exam.
  3. If you attended a school outside the United States, an academic evaluation of international transcripts/ documents in terms of American accredited equivalency must be sent to Pacific. Students who submit these documents will be required to submit official, original documentation to the California Acupuncture Board as well, at the time of application to the CALE exam. Contact Pacific’s admissions representatives for names and addresses of agencies that perform this evaluation. For quicker processing of your application while the college awaits official transcripts, you may send unofficial copies of your transcripts with your application form.
  4. All students enrolled in education programs in New York State must provide evidence of the following:
    • Two doses of measles vaccination
    • One dose each of mumps and rubella

Public Education

In an expression of Pacific’s mission to further the understanding of Chinese medicine, Pacific may allow a limited number of students to enroll in specific courses of general interest without fulfilling all the prerequisites of admission to a particular program or course. Such courses are normally limited to massage courses, taiji and qigong. For more information and to apply for public education courses, please contact one of Pacific’s admissions representatives.

Non-Matriculated Students

Students who meet the prerequisites for admission to a program and specific courses may, on a space available basis, take Pacific courses with the approval of the academic dean. For more information and to apply for non-matriculated status, please contact one of Pacific’s admissions representatives.

2. The Admissions Interview

An admissions interview is required of all applicants seeking first-time admission, readmission, or admission with advanced standing (transfer from another school). The admissions interview is the opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate an understanding of, and interest in, the selected program of study. The interview is usually conducted by a subject matter expert who works or teaches in the field. It is also an opportunity for you to get more of your questions answered about the education and career you are exploring.

Interviews will be scheduled with a member of the Admissions Committee or other staff members designated by the Admissions Committee. Applicants may make an appointment for the admissions interview after the following portions of the completed application have been received: The application, application fee, personal statement (if required), required transcripts from prior education (official transcripts are preferred at time of interview, but must be submitted prior to enrollment), and for students entering the massage programs, the Smarter Measure, online readiness test.

3. Notification of Decision

The Admissions Committee makes all final acceptance decisions. Each applicant is given notification in writing of full acceptance, conditional acceptance (if an option), placement on a waiting list, or denial, normally within 30 days of the interview.

4. Orientation

Orientation of new students is conducted by the staff and faculty at the beginning of each term. Orientation dates and times are relayed to applicants through the Admissions Department upon acceptance to the college. All beginning students must attend this Orientation. If a student misses the Orientation, he or she must notify their admissions representative immediately. You can also view Orientation dates and times on our Academic Calendar.

Students are required to be familiar with all rules and regulations set forth in the College Catalog, Clinic Manuals, and Pacific College update notices and memos posted on the StudentHub.

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