Chicago Style

The adjective seems to attach itself to everything from pizza to hot dogs to blues to architecture to political machines. No matter what the subject, Chicagoans seem to do things with their own distinctive flair, creating innovations that resound far beyond the city’s borders.

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Defining precisely what Chicago’s style is, however, is no simple matter. This large and diverse city is many things at once — a blue-collar town that’s full of high culture and gracious living; a town of historical importance that’s in no way stuck in the past; a classic Midwestern city with international importance and an international population. Ultimately, Chicago’s refusal to conform to any single style, even one that bears its name, is what truly defines this city.

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper and is also known for the Prairie-style architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Forty landmark districts lie within the city limits. A jazz and blues capital, Chicago is also home to the world-renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra. And if you haven’t seen them you might not believe it, but Chicago actually has great beaches. The sandy shores of Lake Michigan provide Chicagoans with a summer playground that stretches from the Evanston border to South Shore. There are also public boat-launching sites, as well as yacht clubs and marinas. The lakefront, preserved long ago by city planners, is an aesthetic backdrop few other cities can offer. Major parks, such as Jackson Park on the south side and Lincoln Park on the north, parallel the shoreline. Here, runners, cyclists and in-line skaters make use of the extensive trails throughout the year.

Chicago also offers a large holistic health community. Many natural food stores and restaurants, holistic health newspapers, and alternative bookstores offer job opportunities to students. Entrepreneurial students also find it easy to supplement their incomes by doing massage or teaching classes in yoga, Tai Ji, nutrition or whatever their specialty may be.


If you’ll be relocating to the area, you’re probably curious about housing. Moving to a new city can be a challenging endeavor, and we at Pacific College understand this. While Pacific College does not provide student housing, we’d like to refer you to a list of housing resources that may help you find a home.