NEW! Introducing:  Master’s of Science (Health and Human Performance) and Health Coaching Certificate

Pacific College’s Health and Human Performance programs are designed to provide students who have a deep interest in self-discovery and personal growth with the knowledge and experience required to become health and human performance coaches and health educators.

By applying philosophies, principles and knowledge from traditional medical systems like Chinese medicine, along with modern science, graduates develop performance solutions for individuals and groups to achieve their goals. As health educators, they possess the skills to educate individuals and groups, as well as disseminate their knowledge broadly through multiple media and employment opportunities.

In each course, students develop performance solutions based on course content, case studies and their related personal interests. These solutions form the basis of the students’ portfolios, which the graduates use to introduce their skills to employers and clients upon entering the workplace. In addition to this “learn by doing,” the curriculum includes a compelling study of peak performers, i.e., highly accomplished athletes, scientists, business people, artists, musicians, and others.

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