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Pacific College’s Acupuncture School in Chicago, Illinois

acupuncture school in chicagoThe U.S. healthcare system is undergoing a major scientific and philosophical evolution, and patients are demanding natural, evidence-based practices and preventative services.

This transition is creating a need for health professionals with a passion for integrative healthcare, and the Midwest is desperate for professionals who can provide innovative solutions to ailments, mental health disorders, and overall wellness. Pacific College of Health and Science’s acupuncture doctorate and master’s programs are uniquely positioned to help future healthcare professionals lead the holistic healthcare movement in Chicago by inspiring a deep and lasting respect for the integrity of the human body, mind, and spirit.

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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Programs in Chicago

These entry-level doctorates in acupuncture and Chinese medicine train practitioners to function as independent healthcare providers.

Former DACM program name was changed in accordance with the new policy established by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM). However, the curriculum remains the same.

Helps students become eligible for the California state licensure and national certification exams, which enables students to become licensed in the remaining states that regulate acupuncture colleges and Chinese medicine schools.

Former MSTOM program name was changed in accordance with the new policy established by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM). However, the curriculum remains the same.

Helps students become eligible for the national certification examinations from NCCAOM and allows the student to become licensed in states that regulate acupuncture and Chinese medicine using the NCCAOM exam. As this program does not require herbology, it is shorter in duration than the MSAcCHM.

Designed for licensed acupuncturists; qualifies students to become eligible for the NCCAOM exam in Chinese Herbology.

An online pathway to an acupuncture doctorate for previous graduates of Chinese medicine or acupuncture master’s programs (or equivalent).

Acupuncture Degree and Certification Highlights in Chicago

Develop professional skills through hands-on experience in on-campus clinics

Learn from experienced acupuncturists

Apply techniques taught in the classroom in Pacific College’s externship program

Join the local community in annual health and wellness events

Find financial aid options and create your own flexible schedule

Pacific College is the largest accredited acupuncture school in Chicago

Become eligible for state licensure exams

Admissions Requirements for Acupuncture School in Chicago

acupuncture training chicagoAre you passionate about holistic health and traditional medicine? Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS) is one of the accredited acupuncture colleges dedicated to producing skilled and compassionate acupuncturists and might be the perfect place for you to kickstart your journey toward becoming a qualified acupuncturist. Explore the admissions requirements, licensing and certification options, and pathway to becoming a proficient acupuncturist at this acupuncture school in Chicago:

Acupuncture Programs Offered

  1. Master of Science in Acupuncture with a Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization
  2. Master of Science in Acupuncture
  3. Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine
  4. Doctorate of Acupuncture with a Chinese Medicine Specialization

Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS) is a renowned school for acupuncture, offering the quality programs to aspiring practitioners. Before delving into the specifics, let’s get acquainted with the school of acupuncture in Chicago, which is esteemed for its commitment to providing high-quality acupuncture education and training. If you’re seeking acupuncture training in Chicago, the Acupuncture School offers comprehensive classes to help you become a skilled acupuncturist. Discover the many acupuncture schools across the country and choose the one that aligns with your career goals.

Admissions Requirements:

  1. Prerequisite Courses. The acupuncture classes at the Pacific College of Health and Science in Chicago cover a wide range of traditional healing techniques and encompass a comprehensive curriculum that covers both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Due to this, the acupuncture programs have specific prerequisites depending on the degree. For master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or 60 college credits is required. For the doctorate program a minimum of 90 college credits is required.
  2. Transcripts. Candidates must provide official academic transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
  3. Personal Statement. A well-written 1-2 page essay expressing the applicant’s interest in acupuncture and motivation to complete the program.

Enroll in acupuncture courses to develop your skills in needling techniques, meridian theory, and herbal medicine.

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Why Acupuncture School in Chicago?

acupuncture school in illinoisDue to the broad recognition of acupuncture among established health professionals as the leading treatment for common ailments, healthcare organizations across the world are actively seeking trained acupuncturists with backgrounds in biomedicine and holistic healing. Plus, with an estimated 20 percent of the U.S. population suffering from low back pain, The American College of Physicians recently issued a new set of guidelines that support acupuncture as an effective alternative to opioids for pain.

Who Should Choose an Acupuncture and Massage College Accredited in Chicago, IL?

school of acupuncture chicagoAs interest in alternative treatments and holistic care increases among the U.S. population, acupuncture is gaining early acceptance from proponents of natural and organic lifestyles. The acupuncture program at the Pacific College acupuncture school in Chicago will speak to these individuals and others who are already passionate about naturally restoring balance within the human body. Our program has been designed for individuals seeking to turn their passion into a rewarding career in the field of acupuncture. Pacific College acupuncture courses expertly blend biomedicine-based practices with traditional holistic healing to capture the strengths and efficacy of each domain.

Recently, CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics published a review that proposed acupuncture as a comparable alternative to using cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat anxiety. More and more health practitioners are advocating for the expansion of the practice of acupuncture, and the role of Chinese medicine within the Western healthcare landscape will play a heavier role in shaping future perspective on holistic care. The acupuncture courses at the Pacific College acupuncture school in Chicago were designed to challenge and motivate students to grow personally and professionally to become leaders within their local communities.

Student Testimonial about Acupuncture School in Chicago

“Pacific gave me a foundation for a limitless future in the field of holistic healing and acupuncture. I feel that I gained an authentic and deep understanding of holistic medicine during my time at Pacific, and I now feel like I can have a truly rewarding acupuncture career.”

-Eric Brand

Licensing and Certification at the School of Acupuncture in Chicago, IL

chicago acupuncture school

Upon successfully completing the acupuncture program at the acupuncture school in Illinois, graduates are well-prepared to pursue licensing and certification to practice as professional acupuncturists.

Graduates of the school are eligible to apply for the Illinois acupuncture certification program, a key step to becoming a licensed acupuncturist in the state. The certification process ensures that acupuncturists meet the state’s standards and regulations for safe and effective practice.

The Illinois acupuncture program prepares students for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exams, which are widely recognized and often required for licensing in many states. Holding the NCCAOM certification demonstrates a high level of expertise and enhances credibility in the field. Earning an acupuncture degree from a reputable school can open doors to a rewarding career in holistic medicine.

 As for the price of education, while considering the acupuncture certification cost, remember that it’s a valuable investment in your future career. Explore various acupuncture training programs to find the one that suits your schedule and interests.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Career Outlook

acupuncture school chicagoIt is estimated that 35 million Americans undergo acupuncture treatments regularly, and this trend is growing as acupuncture becomes increasingly accepted by medical insurances as a treatment for pain and other chronic conditions. In addition, acupuncturists are now also working alongside traditional medical practitioners to deliver multidisciplinary care programs for people with a wide range of conditions. As a result, there’s never been a better time to choose a career in acupuncture.

As of 2018, roughly 38,000 licensed acupuncturists worked in spas, cancer clinics, physical therapy and chiropractic offices, hospitals, educational institutions, and national and state agencies. The demand for acupuncturists is set to increase, partly due to new clinical studies that highlight acupuncture as an effective alternative treatment for pain.

Acupuncture College Tuition – Chicago, IL Campus

The tuition costs for the different acupuncture programs vary. You can see a breakdown of all the costs for each course and for the complete acupuncture school tuition and fees by visiting the college catalog.

Become a Qualified Acupuncturist at an Accredited Acupuncture School in Chicago

illinois acupuncture program

Our Acupuncture School in Chicago is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching education that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful acupuncturists.

  1. Experienced Faculty. Our acupuncture school boasts a faculty of experienced acupuncturists and practitioners who are committed to mentoring and guiding students throughout their academic journey.
  2. Hands-On Training. Students gain practical experience through clinical training, enabling them to develop their acupuncture techniques and patient care skills under the guidance of licensed professionals.
  3. Modern Facilities. This Chicago acupuncture school is equipped with modern facilities, including acupuncture treatment rooms and herbal medicine dispensaries, to create a conducive learning environment.

Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS) is a leader in providing exceptional education in the field of medical and holistic practices. Graduating from our accredited acupuncture program ensures you receive the highest standard of education and training. Aspiring acupuncturists can find a promising future by enrolling in our renowned acupuncturist school with exceptional education programs. By meeting the admissions requirements, pursuing licensing and certification, and benefiting from a high-quality acupuncture education in Chicago, you can become a qualified acupuncturist equipped to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Choose our top acupuncture school in Chicago and embrace a fulfilling path of holistic healing and well-being.

About us

Since 1986, those with a calling to heal and promote overall health in the mind and body have been led to the programs at Pacific College of Health and Science. Graduates are prepared to both prevent and remedy pain, discomfort, and disease through practices such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and holistic nursing.

Pacific College prepares students for careers as healing practitioners through an intersection of Eastern healthcare practices and Western bioscience with a strong hands-on clinical component. All three campus locations feature student clinics where learning practitioners serve the needs of real clients.

Chicago, Illinois | Acupuncture School FAQS

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is commonly used to treat chronic pain throughout the body. Additionally, it can treat health issues such as allergies, insomnia, hypertension and more. In acupuncture, specific points in the body corresponding to certain nerves, muscles and connective tissue, are therapeutically stimulated through the insertion of very thin needles.

What does acupuncture treat?

Besides pain relief, acupuncture is increasingly used for other aspects of health, from allergies to anxiety and depression. In fact, there is limited evidence supporting the benefits of acupuncture for obesity, acne, diabetes and many more areas!

Is acupuncture safe?

The risks of acupuncture treatment are low if done by a well-trained, certified practitioner. Exposure to infection is minimal since needles used are single-use, and side effects are minor, including mild soreness and bleeding at acupuncture sites.

Is acupuncture school worth it?

Acupuncture school is worth it because one cannot take a State licensure exam without demonstrating proof of education at a State-approved school. It is also important to work with experienced instructors to learn techniques that are safe and well adapted to your client’s overall health and condition. Our acupuncture school in Chicago will prepare you to become a well-rounded practitioner through a robust program in the core areas of acupuncture theory and practice, as well as exploration of supporting courses on topics such as Chinese herbology. This broad study of acupuncture can prepare you to take on the challenges of both private practice and collaborative alternative medicine settings.

How long is acupuncture school?

Lengths of acupuncture school programs vary depending on program and location. For information on specific acupuncture program length or requirements you can check the school catalog and reference p.131 to view both master’s and doctoral program information.

How much is acupuncture school?

The cost of acupuncture school depends on the institution. Accredited colleges offer financial aid to those who qualify. You can also apply for student loans, and find grants or scholarships online. In addition, if you are a Veteran, there are at least five education assistance programs administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs that you can apply for. To explore your specific program costs, you can find tuition and other fees for the Chicago campus listed on page 145 of the school catalog. For the most current information on your costs you can contact our acupuncture school Chicago campus.

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