Your interest in the field of holistic health comes at an exciting time. As the field of integrative medicine continues to grow, so does the need for qualified practitioners.

As of January 1st, 2020, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is PACIFIC COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND SCIENCE.

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Join us at Pacific College to study acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, holistic nursing, and many other integrative medicine specialties. Receive massage therapy training.  Experience the benefits of shiatsu, tui na, and Thai massage.  Practice qigong, taiji, and meditation.  Apply the principles of natural nutrition.  Serve the community. Build a network of peers. Enjoy the company of like-minded students and expert faculty as you earn your certificate or degree.

The possibilities are endless at Pacific College!

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Campuses and Programs

FAQs Regarding Covid-19

Is Pacific still accepting and enrolling applicants for the upcoming term?

Yes. We encourage you to apply now for an early decision. Registration opens in November and classes begin in January. You may contact the campus you seek to apply for via email:

You may contact the campus you seek to apply for via email:

New York: [email protected]

San Diego: [email protected]

Chicago: [email protected]

Online: [email protected]

Will the classes be on campus or online?

Pacific College is actively monitoring governmental, state and city regulations and recommendations to ensure we align to these and plan accordingly for our upcoming winter term. The winter term begins in January and as we move closer to that time, we will keep abreast with these regulations and make any adjustments necessary. For now, we plan to offer both online and campus courses. This means your classes could be on campus, online, or a hybrid of both. You will work with your admissions representative to identify the options available to you and organize your schedule.

What is the online environment like?

It’s very cool! Pacific College has been offering online education for several years and utilize a very user-friendly platform called Zoom. You can download Zoom onto your device and access your class from anywhere you have Internet. Our online classes will be live at a specific day/time and you will be able to interact with your faculty and classmates virtually. Before you start an online course, you will be able to go through a self-paced Technology Training to onboard you to the environment so you know exactly what to expect on day 1.

What precautions have you taken for campus courses?

We have set up many policies and procedures to keep the campus safe. Classes are spread out from one another and only offered at specific times. Students are required to wear masks at all times, get their temperature checked and answer Covid screening questions upon arrival. We have ensured social distancing with seating arrangements, changed air filters and increased ventilation, installed touch free faucets, and more. For students engaging in clinic, they are required to wear scrubs, K95 and surgical mask, face shield, foot coverings, and gloves when working with patients.

What if I am unable to submit my official transcripts?

We understand many students are facing significant challenges as a result of school closures. We will accept unofficial transcripts to move you forward in the process. You should still order official transcripts and have them in route to us but this will not hold you up.

How will my final interview be conducted?

If the program you are applying for requires a final interview, it can be done via phone or Skype video. Your Admissions Representative will convey these methods with you at the time you are ready to schedule this.

Are campus tours still happening?

As of now, we encourage you to schedule a virtual campus tour with your Admissions Representative. This will allow you to experience the campus without having to come in.

Are info sessions still happening?

Yes. Each campus is still offering live info sessions for programs of interest and these will be offered as live webinars. For more information & to RSVP, please contact the campus directly:
New York: [email protected]
San Diego: [email protected]
Chicago: [email protected]
Online: [email protected]

Who should I contact regarding my funding?

While some official documents may be required for financial aid, VA funding, etc., this information may not be required for admission. In order to ascertain what documents are needed for funding, please contact our finance office directly at [email protected]

Who should I contact with other questions or concerns?

We are here to assist you in any way possible. If you have any questions regarding admissions, please contact us directly by email at [email protected]