Financial aid for the online division as well as all three campuses (San DiegoNew York and Chicago) is handled at the San Diego campus. There is a Financial Aid Assistant in New York and Chicago to assist with paperwork and general questions; however, students and prospective applicants can also contact the Director or Financial Aid Officer at the San Diego campus as well.

In the menu below, you will find links to the steps on how to apply for financial aid, as well as information about additional resources such as scholarships, grants, loans and specialized funding for veterans and their families.

The Financial Aid Office communicates with students via e-mail, phone, and posted notices. As a student, notices will be placed in your on-campus communication folder. Appointments are not required and students are encouraged to stop by our office or call or email us.

We are glad you have selected Pacific College of Health and Science. We strive to provide you with the best customer service, timely notification and personal assistance while still meeting necessary federal and state regulatory requirements. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions, comments or need our assistance with financial aid matters!

Useful Links for Financial Aid Application & Resources

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