New Beginnings: How 9/11 Changed the Face of Acupuncture and Established Community Trauma Medicine

By Dr. Janet Bardini The 2000-year-old medical practice of acupuncture has been brought into the 21st century through proven, effective, researched methods to treat patients in times of shock and trauma. The NADA protocol, developed in the United States by licensed physicians, is currently used on...
I Tried Facial Acupuncture & It Cleared My Acne

Treatment by Lanshin, PCOM-NY Alumna Sandra Lanshin Chiu's Clinic, Featured in New York Times and Refinery29

Sandra Lanshin Chiu, LAc, who earned her MSTOM from PCOM-New York in 2005, had the honor of having the clinic she founded and continues to manage featured by the New York Times and twice by Refinery29 . Sandra continued her post-graduate studies in Beijing where she apprenticed with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi...
A young woman practices yoga on a wall in a clearing in a pine forest.

Leena Guptha, Academic Dean of Graduate Studies, Quoted on Hypertension on "Everyday Health"

As Everyday Health reports, high blood pressure, or hypertension, affects almost half of all American adults. Without treatment or attention of some kind, hypertension, sometimes interlinked with stress, anxiety, and depression, can play a part in causing weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and...


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