On August 24, 1999, the Illinois Board of Higher Education approved Pacific College as the first graduate program in Oriental medicine in the state, setting it apart from colleges in Chicago offering similar programs. The college is conveniently located at 65 East Wacker Place in the Downtown Loop. If you’re searching for massage therapy programs in Chicago, the campus is convenient to all forms of public transportation such as the city’s Elevated Train System, known as the “El”. Pacific’s Chicago campus occupies the 17th, 20th, and 21st floors and overlooks the Chicago River. It includes 9 classrooms, 10 administrative offices, the largest Chinese Medicine and Bodywork Library in downtown Chicago, and many comfortable student lounge and common areas. For those interested in acupuncture schools in Chicago, the facility also houses a large professional acupuncture clinic with 12 treatment rooms and an herbal dispensary for student training.

Pacific College of Health and Science
65 East Wacker Place, 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601


Apartment Finders – (773) 883-8800


Apartments are not owned or operated by Pacific College.
Tenants are not all students.


Maneuvering within Chicago is relatively easy as the streets generally follow a grid pattern. Public transportation is cheap and extensive, allowing you to get just about anywhere for a couple of bucks and commute easily to school. Most of the tracks in the city’s Elevated Train System, known as the “El,” provide a view of the neighborhoods you go through – a pleasant change from the black tunnels of most subway systems. Trains are an especially good option during rush hour, when the city’s roads are jammed.

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