Prepared for a Bright Future with the Medical Cannabis Certificate: Mike Harvey

A photo of Mike Harvey RN, BSN

Mike Harvey RN, BSN: “As a new cannabis nurse as of July 2019, I have found it difficult to find medical cannabis education that is both academically current and that would also prepare me for the bright future of the medical cannabis field. Having attended many one and two-day continuing education classes, I continued to find that the education I was gaining was missing the quality research needed to support my cannabis education. That is when I decided to enroll in the Medical Cannabis Certificate program through Pacific College of Health and Science.

While attending this program, I was introduced to many of the top cannabis nurse educators in this field. The information presented was supported by current research and based on the promotion of holistic health. Importantly, the program also taught me how to use this research in the articles that I am currently writing and in cannabis presentations that I will be presenting. While this course is taught online, the ability to interact with other students has been beneficial to my growth as a cannabis nurse and has also helped me to feel more confident in myself as a speaker. Following the completion of the Medical Cannabis Nurse Certificate Program, I feel I have the education needed to step into the limelight, to help effect change in this war against cannabis as medicine.”

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