Forbes Cites Pacific College Nursing Director Carey Clark on the Spread of Cannabis Misinformation

By Pacific College - February 10, 2020

The erratic patchwork approach to cannabis legalization at both state and federal levels has left many confused. It’s still federally illegal for any purpose, yet 11 states have ruled that recreational use is legal, and 33 more that medical use is legal–though 14 of those states limit THC content. Meanwhile, the FDA has ruled that some drugs derived from cannabis are legal despite the plant remaining a Schedule 1 drug.

Carey Clark’s Insights on Cannabis Information in Media

“Unfortunately, the majority of information circulating in the popular media about cannabis is misinformation. That’s why it’s essential that healthcare professionals are educated to best support the patient’s safe and effective use of cannabis,” said Carey Clark, Pacific College’s director of nursing and the chair of the Medical Cannabis Certificate Program.

The average American is not just (understandably) confused by the legality of various forms and contexts of cannabis, as well as the medical conditions cannabis is and is not likely to be helpful for: we also fall prey to entirely artificial stories that originate with bots on social media, often as a method of unethical advertising. With so much misinformation on social media, real information can easily be lost in the noise.

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Opportunities for Learning about Medical Cannabis

Are you interested in learning more about the proper use, indications and contra-indications of medical cannabis as part of an integrative healthcare approach? Pacific College’s 8-credit medical cannabis certificate program is also available as an elective in the holistic nursing programs! Pacific College is regionally accredited by WASC’s WSCUC and offers financial aid to those who qualify. Visit our calendar page to see a schedule of our free upcoming info sessions.

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