Dr. Carey Clark of PCHS Featured on Healthline and IBT

Dr. Carey Clark, PCHS Chair of the Medical Cannabis Program

Carey Clark, PhD, RN, the chair of the medical cannabis program at Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego, discussed evidence for CBD’s ability to manage pain and nausea with Healthline, a resource for physical and mental wellness, and IBT. The focus of the article was on a study of the public perception of cannabis efficacy for a variety of medical conditions.

“We do know that cannabinoids like CBD are effective for managing pain, muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis, and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Many other illnesses have moderate or low levels of evidence of their effectiveness.

However, there is a lot of ongoing research, and we know anecdotally that patients say cannabinoids help them feel better. I am concerned that people have access to safe, tested, and high-quality cannabinoids. Cannabis is the most researched plant on the planet, with over 30,000 studies available. It has been used for thousands of years. What we need now are better studies,” Clark said.

A professor of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Purdue University in Indiana told Healthline that the study is useful for “insight into the real-world use of CBD, as it informs researchers the various reasons for which people are consuming CBD, as well as how that may be changing over time.”

Read more at Healthline, “CBD: It Won’t Cure Ailments but It Can Help with Pain, Nausea”, or International Business Times, “CBD helps manage pain and nausea, but isn’t a cure for illnesses”.

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