Stop Snoring with Acupuncture!

Though it is often a comedic topic, snoring can actually cause real problems in a person’s sleep patterns. Whether it is the snorer him or herself, or a partner or roommate that is awakened by the snoring, night time breathing problems can disrupt sleep patterns, oxygen intake, REM sleep, and can even lead to more serious conditions like sleep apnea. Nose strips and antihistamines are a good start to clearing the nasal passages, but there are several different causes behind snoring, and some natural remedies may be better suited to solving these causes.

Sinusitis and Allergies: A Common Cause of Snoring

Sinusitis is a condition that is commonly a cause for snoring, and is a direct result of allergies. Sinusitis can cause nasal passages to become obstructed, resulting in noisy breathing. Chronic nasal congestion due to allergies is very common and can be relieved and sometimes reversed with acupuncture. Edema is the term used for the by-product of inflammation, and this is what usually clogs the nostrils. Acupuncture can help dilate blood vessels and allow oxygen and nutrients in to support the nostril tissue and eventually remove edema. This reduces congestion and clears the airways, often solving snoring.

Traditional Chinese medicine can also help prevent snoring. One suggestion is for patients to create a sinus wash and use it daily. This mixture includes epsom salt and diluted grapefruit seed extract combined with warm water, and is known to bring down inflammation. Additionally, certain foods are known to produce more mucus in the body and people with sinus conditions should avoid them. Dairy products and eggs are at the top of this list.

Acupuncture: Restoring Balance and Treating Snoring

In Oriental medicine, a weakened immune system (often a contributor to sinus infections) is thought to be the result of qi (a person’s energy, or life force) deficiency. The swelling associated with allergies and sinus infections is thought to be a manifestation of a qi blockage. Acupuncture will treat the root of the snoring problem by aligning the body’s flow of energy and enhancing the patient’s qi.

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