Natural Practitioner Interviews Chava Weinberg, Dept Chair, on Pain and Inflammation

By Pacific College - September 1, 2022
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Natural Practitioner recently included Chava Weinberg, DACM, LAc, LMT, department chair and clinical supervisor on Pacific College’s New York campus, on a panel of experts discussing the causes of and natural treatments for pain and inflammation. Natural Practitioner is an industry trade magazine that provides health, nutrition and business information to integrative health care professionals to help them succeed in their practices and better serve their patients and clients. Dr. Weinberg has observed lately that “a larger percentage of people [accept] some level of pain and inflammation as normative for their baseline. Issues such as menstrual pain, headaches, digestive upset or stiff joints are sometimes dismissed as ‘something to deal with’,” instead of being considered serious enough to seek treatment for, yet “these are signs from the body we don’t want to ignore.”

Exploring Natural Approaches to Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

The panel of experts was asked what they thought to be some of the best natural approaches to pain and inflammation. Suggestions ranged from physical therapy to biofeedback and acupuncture to herbal medicines, but several experts also emphasized diet modification–particularly emphasizing the importance of probiotic and nutrient-rich foods. Weinberg agreed, but also firmly stated that “movement is key. No matter the etiology of the pain or inflammation, having a patient doing movement to their capacity will always support better clinical outcomes and get them more involved in recovery. I’m a big fan of sending patients home with stretching homework. Not only to benefit from increased movement capacity, but it also has a positive mental effect, reconnecting the patient with the strength and potential of their body.”

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