Dr. Greg Lane, Pacific College Dean of Graduate Faculty, Featured by Authority and ThriveGlobal

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Authority Magazine, a Medium publication devoted to interesting thought leadership pieces, and ThriveGlobal, an Ariana Huffington project focused upon the connection between well-being and performance recently featured an interview with Dr. Greg Lane, DACM, LAc, Pacific College’s Dean of Graduate Faculty. In the article, Sonia Molodecky dives into the origins of Greg’s journey into Chinese medicine, longevity, and life lessons before discussing how to cultivate habits of and for wellbeing in our lives and build a better society along the way, including practical approaches you can implement immediately, meditation, healthy eating, and more.

The Interplay of Wellbeing and Society in Dr. Lane’s Philosophy

For example, Greg talks about inner smiling, “an actual ancient meditation technique that activates the pineal gland and accesses the hippocampus, the area in the brain that is associated with empathy and compassion. […] Practice smiling and feel how that feels on your face. There are many muscles, nerves, and blood vessels on your face all activated when we smile. It feels good and it’s contagious… in a good way.” Try this exercise when you’re alone and unobserved:

“First, deliberately put a big old frown on your face. That’s right, really drop the corners of your mouth down to the ground. I’m talking about Grinch-worthy frowning. Feel what it feels like. Everything goes down. Your chest sinks and compresses your diaphragm, the main breathing apparatus, and compresses the chest. This is otherwise known as deep pressing, or depression. Now, let’s reverse the corners of the mouth and bring everything up. The face lights up, the chest raises, there’s more blood circulation and the diaphragm unbinds. This is otherwise known as inspired. Wonderful and easy to practice.”

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