Over 5,000 Acupuncturists Come Together to Fight Spread of COVID-19

By Pacific College - March 23, 2020

Over five thousand acupuncturists and Chinese medicine professionals are participating in a vast effort to acquire and spread information on how to fight the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 with the help of acupuncture and herbal remedies.

Pacific College and Lhasa OMS Partner for Educational Webinars

Pacific College of Health and Science, the largest acupuncture and Chinese medicine college in the nation, joined forces with Lhasa OMS, the largest acupuncture and integrative healthcare supply company in the U.S., to offer free webinars presented by Dr. John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc. These webinars offer practitioners a platform to learn how coronavirus and COVID-19 are currently being treated with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in China.

View Dr. Chen’s Webinar and Slides

During these presentations, Dr. Chen first provides an introduction to the pathology and treatment from the Western medicine perspective, then goes into a detailed discussion on the pattern differentiation and treatment from the TCM perspective. Some of the topics addressed include:

  • How herbs work based on Chinese herbology
  • How herbs work based on Western pharmacology
  • What to use as substitutes if certain herbs are unavailable, such as Ma Huang (Herba Ephedrae) and Xi Xin (Radix et Rhizoma Asari)
  • Acupuncture protocol
  • What TCM practitioners can do in the U.S. within the scope of their practice

Integrative Healthcare’s Role in Combating COVID-19

Healthcare professionals from all around the world and multiple specialties, including holistic nurses and naturopaths, are tuning in to the webinars to better educate themselves and actively support the virus containment efforts in their own communities. “It is our responsibility to support the integrative healthcare force in any way possible”, says Jack Miller, Pacific College’s President. “Now more than ever, we need to stand together and combine resources.”

On their end, patients and their families have been increasingly turning to integrative healthcare modalities to take a more active role in their overall care, including preventative measures to boost their immune system and manage chronic issues such as pain, migraines, or anxiety.

“Throughout the current public health emergency, we have been working overtime to support healthcare practitioners through product availability and education. We are on the front lines of supplying practitioners, managing Asian supply chain challenges, and the increase in demand for critical healthcare supplies,” says Carl Schwartz, Lhasa’s Chief Customer Officer.

Due to the extremely positive response to these webinars, both organizations are considering offering additional dates and expanding webinar offerings to other related topics.

View Dr. Chen’s Webinar and Slides

About John Chen:

Dr. John Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc, is a recognized authority in both Western pharmacology and Chinese herbal medicine. He has taught herbology and pharmacology at multiple illustrious universities, including University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy, Pacific College of Health and Science, Bastyr University, and more.

 He has also given multiple seminars on herb-drug interactions for professional organizations and is an herbal consultant for the California State Oriental Medical Association, as well as sitting on the review/editorial committee for American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Program, and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Chen has published numerous articles and several books. His most recently published works are Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology (2003, AOM Press) and Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications (2008, AOM Press), for which he was lead author.

Dr Chen Contact:

John K. Chen

[email protected]


About Pacific College:

Pacific College of Health and Science was founded in 1986 in San Diego to offer licensure-qualifying programs in Chinese medicine and massage therapy. The college subsequently established branches in New York City and Chicago. It holds regional accreditation with the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Over the years, it has expanded its programs to include a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nursing, a certificate in Medical Cannabis, and a transitional Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for licensed acupuncturists. Pacific College is home to a vast faculty of over 200 professors at the forefront of research and curriculum development. It offers on-site education to 1500 students and online training to another 800.

Pacific College Contact:

Nathalie Turotte, Vice President of Marketing

[email protected]



About Lhasa OMS:

Lhasa OMS is the largest acupuncture and integrative healthcare supply company in the U.S. Founded in 1979 by an acupuncturist, Lhasa OMS continues to ensure healthcare practitioners have the highest quality products available. Lhasa OMS is uniquely positioned to continue to support the healthcare and acupuncture industry and its inevitable advancement.

Lhasa OMS Contact:

Carl Schwartz, Chief Customer Officer

[email protected]


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