Online Panel Discussion: Reopening & Operating Acupuncture Practices During the Pandemic

With all of the fear and unknowns of “reopening” during the pandemic, Pacific College and Lhasa OMS are proud to have hosted leaders in our industry to discuss how they incorporated the new CDC/OSHA Guidelines into their practices and daily routines. Practitioners from all over the country came together and saw how the new changes were not that different from the previous standards and best practices.

Expert Insights on Integrating CDC/OSHA Guidelines


Dr. Lamya Kamel, LAc, DiplOM, MSTOM, DAOM
Director of Acupuncture, Aligned Modern Health

Lamya is NCCAOM certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Traditional Oriental Medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College in Chemistry and Physics and a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science. Lamya’s 4-year Master’s program emphasized acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and western biomedicine. Her subsequent 2-year Doctoral program focused on studying the classical texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the medical language itself, and honing clinical skills by studying with pioneers in the field. It also emphasized leadership and training in integrative medicine. She was fortunate to study with world renowned practitioners and authors Drs. Giovanni Maciocia and Jill Blakeway. While completing her doctorate she conducted and published original research on the role of integrating acupuncture and chiropractic medicine to treat chronic pain. In addition to being the Director of Acupuncture at Aligned Modern Health she is an Associate Professor at Pacific College of Health and Science in their Doctoral Program and the Chair of the Department of Professional Practice. She has been a member of the Illinois Society for Acupuncture (ILSA) for over ten years serving as both the Vice-President and President, promoting awareness of the medicine and protecting the rights of Acupuncturists in Illinois. She has spent the last 3 years as a Subject Matter Expert for the NCCAOM writing questions for the national boards. Her clinical interests range from treating pain, digestive health, neurological disorders, mental health, women’s health, infertility, as well as maternity and post-partum care.

Dr. Ra Adcock, DACM, LAc
Executive Director, CSOMA

Robyn “Ra” Adcock served on the CSOMA Board of Directors from 2014-2016. During that time, she focused on engaging students and schools, developing a faculty membership category, offering continuing education events, and creating a series of regional conferences to help gather together the profession. She served as the California representative to the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) in 2016 and attended their first annual conference in New Mexico. She also serves on the California Acupuncture Coalition (CAC). Ra practices at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital where she serves on the progressive Integrative Pediatric and Palliative Care Team (IP3) and also participates in clinical research in the pediatric oncology department. Currently, she is the lead clinician for a 3-year, $3 million dollar PCORI study that will access the efficacy of acupressure to relieve the most common symptoms associated with cancer treatment. It is the largest TCM pediatric oncology study ever conducted.

Dr. Nell Smircina, DAOM, LAc, DiplOM
President, CSOMA

Dr. Nell Smircina is a practitioner, educator, and advocate in the integrative medicine arena. Initially starting her education in Health Sciences with a western medical focus, she transitioned in order to expand her scope of practice and completed her Masters and then Doctorate from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA. As a Co-Founder of PIQUE Integrative Medicine, a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, she offers an exclusive experience for those wishing to reach optimal health, with the use of many integrative therapies such as acupuncture and functional medicine. Dr. Smircina is heavily involved in the integrative medicine community. After working for years managing the teaching clinic at Emperor’s College, she has honed those multi-tasking skills to serve the greater community. She works as a consultant for different herbal and supplement companies, as well as teaching orthopedics for acupuncturists and serving as a speaker to expand the public’s knowledge of integrative medicine. Working with the veteran’s community is one of her favorite ways to use her skills outside of her practice. She’s excited to add serving on CSOMA’s board to the list of being heavily involved in this important community!

Dr. Irina Logman, DACM, LAc
Owner, Advanced Holistic Center

Dr Irina Logman, DACM, LAc is a New York & Florida State licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), National Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. Irina received industry-leading training at the Pacific College of Health and Science in New York City, graduating in the top 1% of her class and has been practicing for more than 16 years.

Prior to completing her Doctorate degree in the field, Irina received her B.S. in Health Sciences from Hunter College earning a Certificate of Excellence, majoring in Medical Laboratory Science with courses such as hematology, pathology and immunology. Her lifelong interest in medicine and holistic wellness has made her an expert, diagnosing and effectively treating each patient’s unique, idiosyncratic conditions.

Instead of being a substitute, Irina is a firm believer that treatment therapies of traditional medicine combined with the technological advances of its modern Western counterpart powerfully complement one another as assets to an individual’s health, successfully increasing the chances of treating many disorders. As a lifelong learner, she stays current in modern biomedical advancements and new topics in medicine & health by attending professional events and workshops.

Irina founded the Advanced Holistic Center to share her passion for medicine, providing the most complete and effective healing experiences for her patients. Over the years, Irina now has accumulated a handpicked, highly skilled and passionate team that shares her vision of providing personalized, comprehensive healthcare as well.

Being a proud mother of two, she also possesses firsthand knowledge of what New Yorkers face when it comes to the challenges of balancing career obligations with a family life, all the while making sure one is still active and responsible for their own optimal self-care and well being.

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