Message from Dean Guptha to Transitional Doctorate Students

By Pacific College - April 17, 2020
Guptha, Leena S., DO, MBA

Dear transitional doctorate Acupuncture students,

I write to you regarding the S2020 Applications of inter-professional communication course in the transitional Doctorate of Acupuncture program.

To adjust to the current global environment, we have created a special edition AIPC course that strongly meets the course learning objectives, maximizes our collective and clinical learning, and supports advancement of inter-professional communication; with consideration in particular to the 30 hours observation requirement with an integrative medical professional.

Briefly, we are all systems go for the course in Spring 2020. We have created an a la carte menu of activities within the course to support successful completion of the course learning objectives focused on biomedical knowledge, TCM case management, and interprofessional communication. Your faculty member will assist you in a mix and match combination equating to the 30 hours observation (subject to physical distancing, still in place). The documentation of your activities will be uploaded through your course shell (details are being worked out and the final granularity of this will be discussed with you week 1 in class).

Flexible Learning Options for Doctorate Students

1. Option 1: Observe an integrative biomedical practitioner. This remains the option of choice….but of course may not be feasible… due dates for documentation of site approval forms, licenses and disciplinary action have been extended in anticipation (hope) that later in the term some observation hours may be possible.
2. Option 2: Select one or a range of biomedical and case based videos we provide and write a report. Each video and report equates to 3 hours (maximum choose 10 out of 21 = 30 hours)
3. Option 3: Interview biomedical integrative professional(s) and report using provided guidelines on your discussions, cases, their background, work day, communications and your learnings (maximum 5 interviews = 30 hours).

Any combination of these three options will be accepted.

Additional Course Components and Support

In addition, the S20 AIPC course also comprises:
1. A selection of breakout sessions; case and issue based scenarios
2. Relevant readings and forums related to inter-professional communication
3. In class, case study presentations (each student presents one case)
4. Grand rounds discussion of difficult cases, cases referred to you, cases you referred out or rare cases related to your field of specialization

Let us work together and collect the lessons learned, as well as complete the course and keep you on track for graduation. We see an opportunity here, that best practices coming out from this spring special edition course may refine the future course offering. I thank you all for working with the faculty in making this happen.

I trust this allows you to enter break with confidence that face to face contact with a biomedical integrative professional is not required for the S2020 course.

I look forward to hear from you with any further questions or concerns. In particular I want to thank Dr. Thomas Grieve for working diligently with me over the last few weeks to create a multi-dimensional clinically based course that we are excited to roll out on May 4th.

Be well and stay safe.

Warm Wishes in health and wellness

Leena S. Guptha, DO MBA BCTMB
Academic Dean of Online Education
Health & Peak Performance Coach
Phone: (619) 736 3663
[email protected]

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