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By Pacific College - March 20, 2020
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Dear San Diego, New York and Chicago on-ground and online students and faculty,

What a week, right?! Yikes. Friday’s just not what it used to be with all our favorite restaurants, movies, and more closed for business. To help, I’m sending you something very special to brighten your day and enrich your knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Below is a link to 93 presentations from Pacific’s Center for Lifelong Learning, available to you now for FREE. On this site are precious lectures by Alex Tiberi, Giovanni Maciocia, Jeffrey Yuen and a LOT more. The navigation of the site isn’t quite as convenient as the Center for Lifelong Learning but it’s definitely workable. Our IT team did an AWESOME job in getting these presentations onto a site in just a manner of a few days so that we could offer them to you. No other acupuncture faculty or students in the world have access to these for free. I know the classes happening these next few weeks aren’t exactly what we are all used to, but hopefully these world-class presentations will provide you another excellent educational value. Here’s the link:

Technical Assistance for Accessing Online Resources

If you are unable to login because you don’t know your username or password, follow the instructions here to reset your password. If you get an “access denied” or any other kind of error, go to  and click “Contact/ Submit Ticket” on the top right of the page. Fill out the form with your information and a description of the problem and our IT team will get back to you, as soon as possible.

Developing Telemedicine Capabilities for Clinical Instruction

CLINIC: In other good news, I am working with our clinic deans and directors to attempt to create some aspect of clinical instruction this semester, particularly to help those students who are in their last internship shifts. More details will follow as we assess supervisor and students’ ability to facilitate some level of “telemedicine.” We also need to assess malpractice insurance and other issues. There’s a lot to be done in a short amount of time, but we’re trying, believe me. Stay tuned.

That does it for Friday, March 20, the first day of Spring or so I’ve been told. Close enough to hope for good weather, sunshine, and flowers.

Until next time.

Hug yourself. You deserve it.


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