The Bridge Between Western Medicine and Acupuncture: Majid Trabibzadeh’s Transitional Doctorate

By Pacific College - April 16, 2021
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Dr. Majid R Tabibzadeh, LAc, MSAOM, DACM (MD background and homeopath): “After graduation as a Master of Science and preparing to start practicing acupuncture I was concerned about many things, because I see a significant gap between TCM and Western medicine. I knew that the culture of the Western world needs scientific proof for trusting to a new treatment. Although an acupuncturist knows how remarkable and miraculous is the treatment, it is not enough. We should know how to communicate and be able to explain it scientifically too.

Overcoming Challenges in Acupuncture Practice

My questions were:

How could I start and run a business without any experience? How could I explain acupuncture to patients in a scientifically acceptable way? And, how could I express myself to a Western practitioner as a scientific practitioner?

Fortunately, one of my friends who had graduated from the Pacific College DACM program suggested I start this program. Now that I’ve graduated as a DACM, I am happy because I found that this program is that missing bridge between Western medicine and acupuncture. After finishing this program, I know my position in the system as an acupuncturist healthcare provider. I learned how to scientifically explain acupuncture; by learning the medical terms, this program helped me to communicate with the Western practitioner in their language.

Empowering Acupuncturists for Business Success

The research methodology courses not only gave me a powerful tool to prove acupuncture scientifically; I also learned how to efficiently use research to progress and enhance results in my practice.

The most exciting part of the program was the courses that teach how to manage an acupuncture business effectively—what every acupuncturist needs for running a successful practice. This program gave me support and confidence to do my best as an acupuncturist. I think this program is essential for all acupuncturists.

Finally, I appreciate all the Pacific College professors who were very respectful, professional, and knowledgeable.”

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