Christina Ayala, Changing Her Life with the BSN Program

By Pacific College - July 23, 2021

How has the PCHS Holistic Nursing Program influenced your personal and professional practice?

Christina Ayala, RN

I have been attending PCHS for almost two years now. Being at this school in the holistic nurse BSN program has changed my life. First, it is amazing that most synchronous classes start with some mindfulness practice and check-in. It made me realize how powerful a simple and sincere “How are you doing” from someone in an authority position can be.

Personal Growth and Mental Health Strategies in Nursing Education

Through the dynamic teachings at PCHS, I’ve learned how to listen internally to what I need, and I’ve learned many techniques to help with my mental health. Emotional Freedom Tapping, countless meditations, deep breathing, affirmations, personal check-ins are just a few of them, and this is how I stay mentally healthy. When Covid-19 hit, I was taking Nurse Facilitator I, and that class taught me how to let go of some of my crippling fears. In that same class, I realized that I was heading towards burn out and I made the decision to cut back on work hours and school hours for self-preservation.  This gave me the freedom to live more fearlessly and chase my dream of becoming a Holistic Nurse Coach. The classes are challenging, but I’ve realized how much more of a leader I’ve become since starting PCHS, and a lot of it is because of how the classes and assignments are structured. I’ve recently just started my coaching practice, Make It Happen Coaching LLC, and it’s been a dream come true. PCHS has given me more self-awareness and insight into my inner wisdom. This has given me space to not only do what scares me but be the nurse I need to be for my clients.

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