Charlene Arias, Helping Others Find Their Voices with the Holistic Nursing Certificate

By Pacific College - April 29, 2021
A photo of Charlene Arias RN, BSN

Charlene Arias RN, BSN: “Since the start of this certificate course, I have noticed a change in both my professional and personal life.

Personal and Professional Growth through Holistic Nursing

I have had the opportunity to learn about myself and work on my personal growth as well as my relationships with people and everything around me. I am less guarded and have been able to connect with people on a different level. Even those who have been challenging or upsetting to my energy in the past, I have now built a stronger tolerance and resiliency for, accepting them for who they are. I find I’m less reactive and more patient. I have welcomed presence by practicing meditation and mindfulness. I have improved my listening skills and my ability to hold space for others and can sit with someone without interrupting them with comments or advice. Mindfulness has brought my attention to appreciation and understanding that everything in this world has a story. Respecting the process that brings me nourishment, shelter and love has become part of my daily gratitude.

Empowerment and Helping Others

Most importantly, I feel safe to tell my truth without fear of judgment and feel confident that my message and thoughts can be expressed without hurting others. Because of this new awareness, I feel even more empowered to assist others by helping them find a voice they may have lost or didn’t know they had. I have gained new insight from the courses taught at Pacific College and using this new information to help those in need feels like a calling I am supposed to fulfill. Being a facilitator to help others is a special gift, and I am grateful to be able to do that. This process has not been easy, as I’ve had many personal struggles along the way, but I have been able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I continue to look forward to another sunrise every day. I am excited for this next chapter in my life and hopeful that my nursing career will be fulfilling and satisfying.”

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