Self-Care and Healing Post-COVID-19

By Pacific College - May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021
By Melynda Ruckels, RN, MSN, Cannabis Nurse
Caring for self is a requirement for those of us who care for others. Whether you are a professional licensed caregiver or a family/friend caring for a loved one, self-care is a must. Our battery must frequently be recharged in order to be able to give our energy to others. Self-care that charges my battery is what I call treats. I treat myself to some form of bodywork once a week. High on my list of treats is a full-body massage. Most of us are sitting a lot during these shelter-in-place times; we sit for long periods at the computer, and we participate in a lot of Zooms. I heard a new term the other day: “Zoom fatigue”. Most of us are fatigued in body and mind as we sit through the unending parade of online conferences and meetings. Our eyes, head, and whole body feel the draining effects of being glued to a computer screen. Add mobile phones to this equation and we are bombarded by screens day in and day out.

Integrating Bodywork and Movement into Self-Care

Our bodies are made to move. Certainly, we are not made to sit all day long. A full-body massage moves lymph, brings blood circulation to the muscles, and moves the accumulation of lactic acid that causes muscle stiffness and pain. Other modalities that I love to treat myself to include acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic care, facials, manicures, and pedicures. In addition to these treats, it is important to eat fresh, organic, non-processed foods, and implement some form of exercise every day. Something as simple as going for a 20-minute walk or bike ride can be so refreshing, invigorating, and healing. Just sitting outside in nature feeds our soul. Take a moment to listen to the birds, the rustling leaves, and feel the sun on your face. I am a holistic nurse educator that instructs others on self-care, so I try to practice what I preach. I believe that role-modeling is the best education.
Melynda Ruckels, RN, MSN, Certified Patient Advocate & Cannabis Nurse Consultant
Certified Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nurse Educator/Mentor
Nursing Professor, American River College
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