COVID19 – Announcement from President Jack Miller

COVID 19 Pacific College information

Dear colleagues,

A few important announcements:

Due to unique local conditions in and around Manhattan we have temporarily suspended classes at the PCHS NY campus tomorrow, Friday and the weekend giving us a small window to assess developing conditions. NY’s clinic remains open. Academic and administrative leaders in Chicago and San Diego have determined that local conditions do not warrant closure in those cities. We continue to monitor information from local health departments, as well as Centers for Disease Control. As we’ve said before, patients and students who are sick should stay home or go to their primary care provider.

Transition to Online Education and Clinic Operations Amidst Pandemic

Your academic and administrative leaders have begun outlining plans to move courses online should that become necessary. To that end, you will receive another email right after this one requesting information about your personal computer and your internet access. PLEASE do not ignore this and please respond by following the directions in the email.

Ensuring Health and Safety: Clinic Protocols During COVID-19

As is the case with the NY clinic, all San Diego and Chicago clinic shifts are currently functioning. These are extraordinary times but we are doing our best to stay available to those in need of our services. However, each student and faculty must use their own judgment when determining their personal risk. Please note, that every patient is being advised not to come to the clinics if they are exhibiting signs of flu, cold or COVID (fever, cough, etc.). Each patient is being screened as best as possible by questioning and by taking their temperature. Patients exhibiting positive signs will be sent home or to their medical doctor.

Enhanced Safety and Sanitation Measures Across Campuses

Each of the campus has increased their sanitation measures at their facilities. In some cases, classrooms have been supplied with cleaning supplies that students and faculty can use themselves to wipe down surfaces in between classes. Your help is greatly appreciated in this regard.

I wish I had more visibility on what the future holds. What we are doing at this point is preparing as best as possible. Stay tuned.

If you have questions, please reach out to your campus director or campus clinic director.

All the best,


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