Biohacking for Health and Human Performance Coaches

By Pacific College - January 5, 2020

For coaches whose clientele includes individuals with performance goals well outside the norms of average, healthy individuals, biohacking will be a frequently encountered concept. Health and human performance coaches should become familiar with many of the tools and techniques at the disposal of high performers today. As importantly, the coach should understand the biohacking mindset, and resources and strategies to most effectively and safely employ cutting edge, occasionally dangerous physical and mental modifications.

Navigating the Complexities of Biohacking for Optimal Performance

The first concern is a client’s susceptibility to fads, hype, and products marketed by individuals or companies without sufficient evidence of efficacy or safety. Pacific College’s coaches provide evidence-based advice. They have the skill and experience and take the time to dig deeper into a product than its marketing materials, which often present only research beneficial to the marketing strategy. Pacific’s coaches instill in their clients the same healthy skepticism of marketing promises and help them acquire the objective research needed to make decisions about products and practices. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of biohacking where the wrong decision can mean permanent damage.

Pacific College of Health and Science examines biohacking.

Biohacking Tools and Techniques for Enhancing Performance

At its most fundamental, biohacking is biological experimentation, often with what we call an “n of one.” What does this mean? It means there is one subject in the experiment: the client. Famous U.S. biohackers include Tim Ferris, Ben Greenfield and David Asprey. What differentiates biohacking from the experimentation that all athletes, and other high performers, and even you and I, do when we try a nutritional supplement or diet, a new exercise regime, use a Fitbit or Oura ring, or even a new mattress and pillow? In the case of the aforementioned people and people like them, the difference is one of extreme.

Wearing an Oura ring or Fitbit? Not extreme. Injectable biomagnets or RFID chips? Micro-dosing psychedelic drugs? Exotic chemical cocktails? Pretty extreme. Even extended fasting, high dose nutritional supplements? What’s the common thread among all these? The need for careful and objective research. Pacific College coaches are actually very interested in biohacking and are researching new ideas for the enhancement of human performance as part of their study. Pacific College’s Health and Human Performance Coaches will inevitably attract extreme athletes as well as artists, even businesspeople willing to push the normal boundaries of performance and creativity. The college’s MSHHP program familiarizes the coach with the tools of biohacking so that they can provide objective advice and expert referrals to those interested such resources.

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