Health and Human Performance Coaching | The Perfect Career?

By Pacific College - January 15, 2020
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What is Health and Human Performance Coaching (HHPC)? Health and human performance coaching is more than just health coaching. Think about the range and infinite variety of human performance. Optimal health increases our chance of success in any endeavor, however HHPCs don’t stop there especially when the client’s goals extend beyond personal physical well-being. HHPC includes executive coaching, athletic coaching, personal behavioral change, stress reduction, as well as healthy lifestyle coaching.

Why is it the perfect career? Health and human performance coaches are part of an epic adventure to help individuals and groups fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. And the bigger the dreams the better. You, the coach, are the biggest beneficiary of the training. You get to experience all the benefits of the program before any of your clients.

Pacific College examines Health and Human Performance as a career.

Integrating Holistic Medical Paradigms in HHPC

Health and human performance coaches apply an evidence-based, integrative, client-centered model that assesses an individual or group’s readiness to develop and implement healthier and more effective behavior. They provide strategies and processes to guide and maintain positive change. Unrestricted by a single school of thought or method of coaching, Pacific College’s health and human performance coaches distinguish themselves by extensive research, critical thinking, and a broad understanding of human performance. In addition to synthesizing the mainstream methods of coaching, Pacific College’s coaches apply holistic medical paradigms that provide knowledge of personal, social, and environmental influences on human behavior.


The coaching process is supported by an inquiry and discussion with the client about whole food diets, as well as nutritional supplementation strategies. State-of-the-art developments in the physiology and psychology of performance are also part of the HHPC’s tool chest. Graduates expand the concept of good health to include the ability to achieve peak performance in all aspects of the human experience.

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