Joni Osborn’s Thriving Practice

By Pacific College - February 25, 2021

Join us as we visit with some of our successful alumni all around the country! See what they are doing now in the world of integrative medicine. Pacific College Alumna Joni Osborn, LAc is running a thriving practice in Boulder, CO, where she successfully combines acupuncture, coaching, hypnotherapy and more to help her patients experience their highest healing potential, embrace self love as a way of life, and stand in the power of who they are. Visit Joni at

About Joni’s Educational and Professional Growth

Joni Osborn has been involved in the wellness community since 1988. After five years on Wall Street and an award-winning sales career in the world of residential real estate, she changed course in order to professionally pursue her passion for wellness. She studied Nutrition Science with a Dietetics specialty at Montclair State University in New Jersey, then followed that up with various certifications in personal training and worked as a personal trainer and health coach.

Expanding Horizons: Joni’s Journey into Holistic Wellness

In 2010, Joni began to feel the call to combine her passions and to delve more deeply into the world of holistic wellness. After experiencing firsthand the healing and life changing effects of East Asian medicine, Joni decided to further pursue the healing arts. After earning her Masters of Science in Traditional East Asian Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science, Chicago campus, she has gone on to become a hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and motivational coach.

Joni’s Impact and Lifestyle

More recently, she began her Doctoral Studies at Pacific College’s San Diego campus. In 2019, Joni began traveling to Bali, Costa Rica, and Vancouver, BC as an acupuncturist and speaker. Joni brings her unique insight into many of the issues that are of concern in today’s population. Marrying ancient wisdom with an understanding of modern stressors, she has a great appreciation for the collaboration between East and West. Her heart’s desire is to facilitate the empowerment of each individuals’ own personal divinity and to strike down the unbalanced way we’ve been existing as a society. She is an advocate for each person’s highest self and she is passionate about helping her clients experience what that looks like for them. Joni recently moved to the beautiful state of Colorado and resides just outside of Boulder, in Louisville. She loves her view of the mountains and greets them every morning. When she’s not working, Joni loves being outdoors, hiking, or traveling. She has a secret love for decorating and creating sanctuaries of peace and calm in any space that will let her. She has recently discovered the unusual joy of kettlebells and stays healthy using them, practicing yoga, laughing and getting philosophical over a glass of wine with family and friends.

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