The Breathing Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

By Pacific College - May 14, 2015

Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed a variety of herbs, prescriptions, and therapies to treat practically any health problem, and that includes breathing ailments. These remedies are often a departure from conventional Western drugs and modalities. Their goal is typically to address the underlying causes of a particular health issue. One can’t stress strongly enough that being able to breathe naturally is critically important in restoring the body’s natural harmony. Traditional Chinese Medicine has achieved some noteworthy results in healing many breathing disorders that often fail to respond to Western medicine.

Those wishing to improve their lung capacity and generally improve their breathing abilities can draw on a reservoir of Chinese therapies. Among these is the application of acupressure for coughing spasms. Here, pressure is applied to a point between the shoulder blade and spine, at heart level to provide some relief. Acupuncture therapy can also be effective. An imbalance in the flow of energy to the lungs can be treated by applying needles along the lung meridian on the arms, or along the meridian of another organ with a related rhythm.

Another common therapy for treating breathing problems involves the use of Qigong. This traditional breathing workout manages your breathing to improve your body’s health, mobilize its energy and stamina, and improve respiration. Basically,

Qigong is the art of therapeutic breathing. That is, taking a full breath of air into the abdomen. Regrettably, most of us breathe on the shallow side. The key is to breathe deeper. Make it a point to inhale fresh air/qi in through your nostrils all the way down into the abdomen. And don’t forget to exhale through the mouth. The abdomen should visibly push outward as you inhale and contract back in when you exhale. There are also specific breathing exercises to open the spine, which in turn, support the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.

Deep breathing is very important in maintaining the body’s over all health. It not only serves to properly balance your nervous system, but also boosts oxygen delivery to vital organs and keeps your qi moving. The point is, you have to breathe anyway, so why not do it right.

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