Pacific College Volunteers Medical Care to WTC Rescue Workers

In response to the urgent needs created by the World Trade Center tragedy, students, faculty and alumni of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine are providing volunteer acupuncture and bodywork care for those affected by the disaster. Roughly 150 Pacific College volunteers are donating their time around the clock at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. The volunteers are treating Task Force search and rescue workers, Military Police, and search and rescue dogs for aches, pains, insomnia, fatigue, and other ailments. After 18 days of around the clock care, some 290 volunteers have administered over 1,300 acupuncture and massage treatments to search and rescue workers. The college is also in the process of setting up assistance to relief workers at the medical examiner’s office at Pier 94 and considering expanding these services to include the New York Fire Department as well.

Expanding Volunteer Efforts And Support

Pacific College has been joined by the Acupuncture Society of New York and two other NY area acupuncture colleges in their effort to organize volunteers and medical supplies. Donations of supplies such as acupuncture needles and massage tables and oil have been pouring in from private donors and companies nationwide to help with the college’s effort.

Linda Umla, a Pacific College graduate and volunteer said, “This has given those of us volunteering a huge sense of accomplishment at being able to help those brave men that are risking their lives for the victims of the World Trade Center disaster.” Pacific College’s relief efforts have appeared in the September 15th issue of the New York Times.

Founded in 1986, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is the largest college of Oriental Medicine in the nation. The college has received numerous prestigious honors including a National Institutes of Health research grant and being named one of the best colleges of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the country by TCM World Newspaper. As part of its internship-training program, Pacific College operates low-cost clinics open to the public, as well as internships at clinics and hospitals in the New York, San Diego, and Chicago areas.

For more information on this relief effort, or to donate medical supplies, please call (800) 729-0941.

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