New Cookbook Stirs Up Recipes and East Asian Healing Secrets

By Pacific College - May 14, 2015

Recently published must-read, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen, is an entertaining and simple to use cookbook that provides readers with a wealth of nourishing information. Aside from revealing more than 150 healing recipes for common health concerns including fatigue, menopause, high cholesterol, weight control, and diabetes, this easy-to-use cookbook also features an overview of traditional Chinese medicine, herbs, Asian ingredients, and food therapy for readers unfamiliar with the cooking traditions of East Asia.

“One of the questions I hear most frequently from patients in my acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic is ‘What should I eat?’” co-author Warren Sheir said. “We wrote [this book] to help answer this question.”

“When I talk to many people in America, I get the idea that they think that food is the enemy,” co-author Yuan Wang said. “Food shouldn’t be your enemy but your friend. It’s about knowing how to eat so food contributes to your health rather than detracts from it.”

Bridging Traditional Chinese Medicine With Modern Cooking

Sheir and Wang are both traditional Chinese medicine experts. Sheir is currently a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as well as the college’s clinic supervisor in San Diego. Wang is also a PCOM faculty member and was the former physician-in-charge of several departments of the Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China.

The acclaimed cookbook promotes the basic principals underlying how traditional Chinese medicine views food. There is essentially no distinction between food and medicine. Food is considered an essential part of therapy for any condition.

Although just recently published by Da Capo Lifelong Books this month, the book has already received numerous accolades from the media and everyday readers alike. “I have been waiting for this book for 20 years. Finally, respected authorities in the field Dr. Yuan Wang and Warren Sheir, L.Ac., have written a book on food therapy with writer Mika Ono that will appeal to both practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and anyone who is interested in harnessing an Eastern approach to the power of food for better health,” said Jack Miller, president of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is making its way into libraries and bookstores across the country. Pick up a copy today and dive into 3,000 year old secrets of East Asian healing arts in the form of a cookbook filled with recipes that will delight and nourish your family, friends, and patients.

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