Sandra Chiu, Pacific College Alum, Interviewed by Well+Good on Cosmetic Acu

Cosmetic acupuncture being practiced.

September 21, 2023

Sandra Lanshin Chiu, LAc, MSTCM, a PCHS alum who earned her acupuncture master’s from our New York campus in 2005, was recently interviewed by Katie Baxter for an article on cosmetic acupuncture in Well+Good, a publication that reports upon and highlights wellness and lifestyle trends. “Over time, Chinese medicine developed to treat all kinds of illness from cholera and even dermatological conditions,” explained Sandra. “Acupuncture works with the energy systems of our vital organs, known as qi. That focus on deep internal health is often overlooked in Western beauty, with a focus more on treatments that change the surface, but don’t necessarily address exactly how the body is functioning overall.

More needles are usually inserted into the face than say a treatment for back pain, menstrual pain, or reflux,” in her own self-founded clinic, Lanshin, which specializes in Chinese medical dermatology and rejuvenation via acupuncture and gua sha. “But even when focused facially, we still needle body points, because in TCM cosmetic dermatology we always support the overall health of a person and aim to correct core disease patterns and the causes of accelerated aging.” Chiu has also been featured by the publications MindBodyGreen and Refinery29.

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