MJ News Network Publishes Program Director Timothy Byars’ Opinion on Cannabis Education

By Pacific College - August 19, 2022
Timothy Byars

MJ News Network recently published an opinion piece by Pacific College’s Director of Medical Cannabis Programs, Timothy Byars, on recent movements within the political landscape for medical cannabis. In July 2022, Democrats filed a bill called the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA). This bill would end federal cannabis prohibition, establish federal cannabis tax rates, expunge some cannabis convictions, and finally give the FDA jurisdiction over the regulation cannabis products. It may not garner enough support to proceed, but given the overall political climate and startlingly broad popular support, it’s very likely that federal regulations around cannabis will loosen soon. Once it does, healthcare organizations will need to respond to the changes, and currently, the shape and accuracy of those changes is uncertain.

The Importance of Standardized Clinical Cannabis Education

“Cannabis health care is a responsibility that must be embraced by healthcare professionals and organizations, and that acceptance begins with a commitment to standardized clinical cannabis education,” said Byars. “Standard cannabis education ensures that healthcare professionals are equipped with foundational knowledge about dosing, routes of administration, side effects, drug interactions, titration, and other facets of cannabinoid medicines. Currently, most medical schools fail to teach their students about [crucial topics and areas within cannabis medicine, but] in the meanwhile, healthcare professionals will need to continue getting this information through the emerging programs and through self-study.”

Read the Full Opinion Piece by Tim Byars at MJ News Network

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