SDVoyager Interviews Dr. Shellie Goldstein on Cosmetic Acupuncture

A person receiving cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

August 9, 2022

SDVoyager, which features entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers local to San Diego, recently interviewed Dr. Shellie Goldstein, who is part of Pacific College’s faculty. Today, Goldstein is widely considered one of the world’s leading experts on cosmetic facial acupuncture, but 30 years ago, she had just completed her acupuncture training and was apprenticing in an orthopedic hospital in China, working in the facial paralysis unit:

“Upon my return to the United States, I began specializing in facial disorders which quickly morphed into CFA. Today, CFA is one of the most desired forms of acupuncture. People want to look and feel their best and they want to achieve it naturally. Acupuncture provides exactly this. In Chinese Medicine, we believe that in order to look youthful you have to be youthful- inside and out. As acupuncturists of CFA, our goal is to create internal health to enhance external appearance.

Goldstein is the chair of Pacific’s new Facial Applications for Cosmetic Enhancement (FACE) program, which launched in January 2022. Development of a second track focusing on acupressure, which uses no needles at all, is already underway, intended for specialists from fields other than acupuncture. The new track is planned for a 2023 launch.

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