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July 7, 2022

Cannabis Health News recently interviewed Timothy Byars, Pacific College’s Director of medical cannabis programs, on the knowledge gap in the medical cannabis industry. Experts predict that the legal market for medical cannabis will increase to $143 billion by 2025, with demand for healthcare professionals with expertise in medical cannabis correspondingly skyrocketing. Very few institutions, however, yet offer higher education programs in the field.

To help bridge this gap, Pacific College recently launched its Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics program (MS-MCT), with the first cohort starting in September. This graduate degree is specifically designed for clinicians seeking expert professions in the cannabis industry as healthcare providers, advocates, educators, coaches, or entrepreneurs.

“There’s always been a little bit of reticence from the medical community about embracing cannabis as a medicine. There are a number of good reasons for that,” said Byars. “Obviously in the US, it’s a schedule one drug so clinicians are concerned about their licenses and about their practice. There’s also a lot of cultural baggage around cannabis use. The public has been subject to research bias and misinformation for decades now. It’s been really difficult for clinicians and for the general public to know what’s true about cannabis and how to separate the misinformation from the good science.”

The Evolution of Medical Cannabis in Healthcare Education

Byars thinks that the healthcare industry as a whole is finally starting to accept that medical cannabis isn’t going anywhere, however, and it’s becoming more and more important that both patients and practitioners learn how to safely and effectively use it–which is where the MS-MCT comes in. It includes 10 courses that can be completed in under two years, and will impart graduates with evidence-based cannabis knowledge and how to use it in clinical settings.

Learn More About the State of Medical Cannabis Healthcare Education

Interested in learning more about the Master’s of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics program?

For more information about the MS-MCT program, visit the program page, call (619) 574-0843, or fill out our contact form to be contacted by a Pacific College representative.

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