NurseJournal Interviews Caroline Ortiz, Pacific College Nursing Faculty

By Pacific College - October 18, 2021

Caroline Ortiz, MSN, MPHRN, NC-BC, an associate professor in Pacific College’s Holistic Nursing Program, was recently interviewed by Gayle Morris, BSN, MSN, of Ortiz, who has over 25 years of nursing experience, has developed and implemented numerous holistic health programs and participated in clinical research of complementary medicine and integrative health approaches. She currently researches curanderismo (traditional medicine from Mexico) and its presence in the U.S.

Meet a working holistic nurse, learn about her practice, and discover more about the field–including how you can join it. The shift for Ortiz came after having worked as a nurse for ten years with many patients who didn’t look or feel well, despite doing plenty that they were, medically, supposed to do to care for themselves. This led her to question her practice and explore other options for care, ultimately returning to her roots, where pediatrician visits were as likely as those to a local curandera, or traditional healer.

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