Tang-Ritchie, PCOM-SD Clinic Director, Interviewed on Acupressure

By Pacific College - November 6, 2018
Tang-Ritchie, PCOM-SD Clinic Director, Interviewed on Acupressure

If you have problems with anxiety or stress, and you’ve already tried the usual coping mechanisms like meditation and deep breathing, consider acupressure! Elite Daily interviewed Dr. Leng Tang-Ritchie, director of clinical services at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s San Diego campus, on points that can be used in not only acupuncture but also acupressure, the effects they can have, and the ailments they can treat:

“According to Tang-Ritchie, for someone who hasn’t experienced acupuncture before, doesn’t want to, or doesn’t have access to it, acupressure is another great way to try out a form of Chinese medicine, as it’s something you can do yourself at home. ‘Acupressure works to stimulate specific points along a meridian to clear away energetic blockages, speeding up the body’s own healing response,’ she explains. And all that means for you is giving your hand a nice little squeeze when you feel like you could use a little stress or pain relief.”

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