Carla Mariano, Interim Nursing Program Director, Published on The Hill

Carla Mariana, Interim Nursing Program Director, Published on The Hill

In a recent article published on The Hill, Carla Mariano, the interim program director of the PCOM Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program and President of the American Holistic Nurses Association, discusses how holistic nursing offers an incredible opportunity for positive change:

“The interactions in health care can be brief and technical. What symptoms is the patient in bed one exhibiting? What medication does the patient in bed two need? What treatment is required for the patient in bed three?

The information is acquired and documented, the medication is dispensed, the treatment is completed and — when the unit is full — it’s quickly on to the next. To be a nurse is to be busy, always in demand.

Yet, amid the hustle from one patient to another the patient can inadvertently feel broken apart as if they were a list of fractured bones or undiagnosed symptoms, a surgery waiting to happen instead of a person with fears, aspirations and hopes and an innate desire to heal. It can have profoundly negative impacts, both making a patient feel objectified and unheard, while also making a nurse disconnect from his or her work.”

The solution, Carla says, could be holistic nursing, by keeping the mind and body connected. Read the full article.

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