The 6 Healing Sounds and Their Therapeutic Applications

Livni-Hersh, Osi, ABT, HHP

By Osnat Livni, HHP, CI

Sounds are among the most powerful vibrations in our universe. Do you recall hearing traffic noise from afar, a sleepless night when neighbors are partying several blocks away, or joyful sounds of children laughing in a distant playground? Sound waves have the power to penetrate through cement walls and glass windows. They have a significant impact on our brains as well, as they vibrate through the nervous system and soft tissues of the human body. The sounds we absorb and the sounds we voice have significant impact on our daily experiences.

Discovering the Six Healing Sounds

The six healing sounds are primary, pre-language vocal expressions. Regardless of culture, race, or geographical location, babies all over the world express these sounds prior to communication through words. According to the Taoist teaching of Chi Nei Tsang, the six healing sounds are associated with the 5 Elements and the Navel Gate.

Each of these vocal tones vibrates through the body in a unique frequency that activates a specific element and its related organs.

Chinese medicine views the internal organs as containers of the qi, our life force energy, including our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. The healing sounds help to harmonize the qi vibrations amongst all these aspects. By using a specific vowel, sound waves access a particular organ and open up energetic blocks and stagnation, restoring flow and vitality.

As infants, we make these sounds instinctively to support and strengthen the development of our life-giving systems. As we grow, the sounds are replaced with words, and we stop using them.

Enhancing Physical and Mental Health Through Toning

Toning the six healing sounds is a powerful practice that preserves our connection to our primary instincts as infants, assisting in nurturing and rejuvenating the internal organs throughout our life.

Toning requires deep breaths with long exhalations to vocalize the sound. This brings calmness to the entire nervous system, allowing us to open blocked qi, balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibrations, transform unsupportive feelings or thoughts, and enhance our health and wellbeing.

Toning activates our vocal cords and opens up the throat chakra. This energetic center is associated with the communication, expression, creativity, and speaking one’s truth. The throat is also a bridge between the head and the chest. The healing sounds connect our brain with our heart, creating harmonious flow between the body, the emotions, and the mind.

Therapeutic Applications of the Six Healing Sounds

Intentional sounds are very beneficial for emotional healing. Scientists have found that sounds and music have a therapeutic effect as they register in different areas of the brain. The beat, rhythm, pitch, and volume each activate a specific area of the brain and harmonize them—especially the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotions and feelings.

Emotions are the bridge between the dense and the subtle vibrations of the body, as they contain two components:

  1. The energetic element of energy in motion (“e-motion”, “emotion”). Flowing waves of subtle vibrations influence the state of the electromagnetic field.
  2. The physical element of feelings. As the refined energy of the emotions accumulates more density, it produces chemical changes and physical sensations.

Feelings are the languishing of sensations, in which the emotions communicate with the physical body. They bridge between the subtle vibrations and the tangible aspects of our physical experience. Balancing the emotions supports the healing of physical symptoms enhancing flow and vitality.

There are many therapeutic applications of the healing sounds. I still recall the profound experience at my first exploration of these sounds in a Chi Nei Tsang training course. Various sensations and symptoms in my body began to make sense and heal. I learned to recognize them as energetic blocks calling for attention.

Later on in my practice, I created the “Soul-Gate Healing” emotional release process. It includes verbal intentions to increase awareness of one’s emotional stress and tools to transform tension. Blending this process with the healing sounds helps my clients overcome various symptoms and purify un-supportive beliefs and tense emotions. It is especially beneficial when incorporated with hands-on methods, such as:

CNT internal organ manipulations: to support the functions of the organs for purification and rejuvenation with hands-on techniques while toning the sounds.

Navel points: to open up the Navel Gate, our original gate of nourishment and purity.

Massage: to release pain, stress, and toxicity from the body’s cells, increasing qi circulation and strengthening overall health.

Acupressure points: to enhance the potency and therapeutic effect of the points.

Balancing the chakras: to harmonize the main energetic centers of the body and their related organs.

Qi/yoga/meridians stretch: combines the healing sounds with qigong movements, yoga, meridians stretch, and meditations. This practice deepens the connection to our core, to the breath, to oneself, and to others. It strengthens the physical body, calms the emotions, and harmonizes our yin and yang energy flow for rejuvenation and relaxation.

In our divided world of systematic race, cultural hate, aggression and survival challenges, practice with healing sounds helps to unite us all as human beings. It brings us back to our pre-language authentic self, so that we may bridge our differences, heal, and find peace within and without.

The Role of Each Healing Sound

Soul-Gate Healing – The Art of Transformation with the Six Healing Sounds


The Sound: JJJJJJ – Wood

Vibrates in the jaw. Opens the liver and gallbladder. Transforms resentful attitude into forgiving gratitude.

Toning JJJJJ helps transform anger into forgiveness and compassion.


The Sound: Haaa – Fire (Yin)

Vibrates in the chest, heart, pericardium, san jiao, and thyroid. Transforms blocked emotions into creative motions.

Toning Haaa helps transform anxiety and self-doubts to excitement, love, inner guidance, and gratitude. Let go of inhibition and trust your intuition!


The Sound: VVVVV – Earth

Vibrates in the lips; activates the spleen and stomach. Transforms survival tension into abundance and expansion.

Toning VVVVV helps transform worries to fulfillment, contentment, and calmness; a sense of balance, harmony, abundance, prosperity, and clarity regarding the spiritual path.


The Sound: ZZZZ – Metal

Vibrates in the nose, activates the lungs and lower intestine. Transforms stress and negativity into the vital force of creativity.

Toning ZZZZZ helps transform grief to letting go and the courage to flow with life’s changes.


The Sound: Whooo – Water

Vibrates in the lower abdomen, the spine, bladder, kidneys, adrenals, and reproductive system; transforms fear to freedom.

Toning Whoooo helps transform fears to inner peace, confidence, and trust of oneself and others.


The Sound: Heeee

Vibrates at the waistline and activates the Navel Gate – good for overall healing and wellbeing.



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