Yoga Poses: Just a Small Part of the Overall Path of Yoga

By Pacific College - June 15, 2021
A diverse group of people doing yoga

In honor of the International Day of Yoga coming up on June 21st, here is another fun yogic fact for you! Did you know that yoga poses, or asana, are just a small part of the overall path of yoga? It is just one of the many yogic sciences and is traditionally considered as preparatory work for the more advanced yogic practices.

In Patanjali’s yoga system, asana is the 3rd step in an 8-part system. The 1st and 2nd steps are the yamas & niyamas, a set of moral and ethical codes. 4th is pranayama, or extension of the life force. The 5th step is known as pratyahara and involves drawing the senses inward in preparation for meditation. The 6th step is dharana, or single-pointed concentration. 7th is dhyana, or meditative absorption. Finally, the 8th step is samadhi, also known as union with the divine or enlightenment, the ultimate goal of the yogic sciences.

While asana can serve as a great standalone exercise or wellness practice, when combined with the other yogic sciences, it can serve as a springboard into deeper states of being, and ultimately enlightened living.

If you are ready to dive deep into these yogic sciences and share this profound wisdom with others, join us in the AAS Yoga Teacher Program and take your practice and experience of yoga to another level.

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