COVID-19 and TCM Case Study with Jake Fratkin

COVID-19 and TCM Case Study: Treating early stage COVID-19 infections (two cases)

In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Jake Fratkin, OMD, LAc, presents two early COVID-19 and TCM case studies along with a wealth of information about Chinese herbs formulas for treatment, as well as resource links to additional information. There are smart questions and brilliant answers throughout the presentation.

Dr. Fratkin has trained in Korean and Japanese acupuncture since 1975, and Chinese herbal medicine since 1982. He spent a year in Beijing hospitals specializing in internal disorders and pediatrics. He is the author of 4 important reference works on Chinese medicine, and has a history as program director and faculty at numerous acupuncture colleges. He was a speaker at the very first Pacific Symposium in 1989, and has presented at many more since then. Dr. Fratkin is also a master practitioner of Yang-style Taijiquan and qi gong, which he has studied since 1974 and taught since 1978. Jake’s taiji lineage is with Master Waysun Liao and Domingo Tu, both in Chicago. He lives and practices in Boulder, Colorado.
He is also the author of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines: The Clinical Desk Reference (2001); Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu and Fischer, edited-organized by Jake Paul Fratkin (1997); Case Histories in Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Zeng Shengping (2014); and Essential Chinese Formulas (2014).


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