Financial Aid for Non-FA Students

COVID 19 Pacific College information

Dear students at all campuses and online,

I know that these are unprecedented times, and we are all working hard to provide you with the best financial options to complete your education. This email is largely to address the questions I have received from a number of students who do not yet utilize federal financial aid. For those students who do not, we have financial aid representatives who can offer you advice on what is available. As always, all students can contact Well Connect for additional help on how to deal with financial stress and strain. In order to help our students, the following is some support and advice at this time:

  1. Our financial aid departments are ready to help guide you through the Title IV programs and can help you determine eligibility given your individual circumstances. The following is the link to get started applying for financial aid.
  2. Our financial aid representatives can also direct you to other private loans programs available.
  3. IMPORTANT: You may still be eligible to get Title IV financial aid for THIS WINTER 2020 SEMESTER, if you are still enrolled in ongoing courses. These student loans can provide living expense and tuition. However, you must act quickly. If your Winter 2020 classes end, you will not be eligible for payments for this semester. While I respect your earlier decision to not take loans, this may be the time to access such federal assistance.
  4. In addition, you can also apply for financial aid for the Spring 2020 semester. Checks for the Spring semester are disbursed mid-May. Again, these loans will normally provide tuition and living expenses for most eligible students. Any stipends (the amount over tuition) can be used to pay living expenses.
  5. If your circumstances have changed and you are having difficulty making your March or April payment, please contact your campus director to discuss alternative payment plans.

Again, if you have questions or need help with financial aid, please contact the FA department .

While you can always email me, I am definitely not the authority on technical financial aid questions and my response rate will likely be slower than the employees dedicated to you in that department.

Please take care of yourself (taiji, qi gong?) and your family (big hugs, if medically appropriate ☺)

All the best,


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