Debunking False Claims About Massage Therapy

By Pacific College - July 11, 2017
Myth Busters: Debunking False Claims About Massage

Massage therapy has a number of amazing benefits, but just like anything else, there are myths that exist to tarnish its reputation. We are here to debunk these falsities and shed some much-deserved light on a miraculous form of therapy!

Myth 1: The Effects of Massage are Temporary

Debunk: Ever heard of muscle memory? The wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) thing about our muscles is that they have long-term memory. If you spend most of your workday hunched over looking at a computer screen, odds are that you will begin to experience some type of pain. Whether you’re experiencing back or neck pain, getting a massage on a regular basis can re-educate your muscles to improve the mechanics of your body and your posture as well.


Myth 2: Massages Don’t Help Migraines

Debunk: Massage therapy is a complementary treatment for migraine headaches. The application of pressure to points in the neck, shoulders, head, and face can help to ease any tension that a patient may be feeling. The applied pressure from massage can interrupt pain signals that would otherwise travel up to the blood vessels supplying the brain.


Myth 3: Don’t Interrupt a Therapist During a Massage, Even if it Hurts

Debunk: Massage therapy is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, however we all have some “knots” that take a little extra pressure to loosen up. It’s not uncommon to experience a slight degree of discomfort when your therapist is working on a particularly tense spot on your body. If the discomfort persists, don’t be afraid to speak up. Your massage therapist wants to know how you are feeling so they can give you the best massage possible.


Myth 4: Massage Spreads Cancer

Debunk: Some people fear that massaging over a tumor could cause cancerous cells to break off and enter different areas of the body via the bloodstream. Fortunately, massage has no way of spreading cancer throughout the body and a properly skilled massage therapist would not massage directly over a tumor site.


Myth 5: Massage is not Safe in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Debunk: Prenatal massage is completely safe! In fact, research has been done to prove the positive effects that massage can have on pregnancy. The key to a successful prenatal massage is to find a certified pregnancy massage therapist. Doing so will ensure that he or she is massaging you through all the trimesters with the appropriate protocols for each. A prenatal massage therapist can also modify your massage to aid your specific symptoms.


If you are ready for a massage, make sure to schedule an appointment with one of our clinics! We are here to heal you.

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