Feng Shui for Self Love and Welcoming Deep Love into Your Life

By Amanda Collins - March 6, 2017
Feng Shui for Self Love and Welcoming Deep Love into Your Life

By Amanda Collins

The capacity to love another is rooted in loving and accepting the self. Because the home is the outward expression of your inner life, entering your home should cause your spirits to rise, your mind to settle, and your heart to feel a warm embrace.

If you wish to attract love or enhance your current relationship, then prepare your home as if you are already in a loving relationship. Creating an environment that nurtures, supports and inspires you is an expression of self-love and self worth. When we truly embodying this contentment with self, we open ourselves to deeply loving relationships.

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The Role of Clutter in Blocking Love and Relationships

The art and science of Feng Shui always begins with making your home clutter free. To attract love, you should get rid of anything from past relationships— gifts, photos, love letters, anything that carries the energy of an old love. Let that other person go, so you can free up your life for love. Clutter can keep us stuck in the past and does not support us as we move forward in life.

Often we hold onto things to give us a false sense of security rather than trusting that what we need will come to us. In fact, the less attached we are to things, the happier we are. When you declutter, you discover that letting go of items you do not need, use, or love opens you up to new possibilities. You will feel lighter, have more energy, and become aware that such items actually weighed you down.

Just because someone gave you something, you do not need to keep it. Even if the item was a well-intentioned gift or an inheritance, if you do not need, use or love it, pass it on. Keeping things “just in case” may signal a feeling of lack in your life. Trust that everything comes to you exactly as you need it and stay light-filled instead of clutter-filled. Be truly honest with yourself as you clear. Ask why you are keeping an item? Do you keep this just in case? Because you are going to fix it someday? Because you spent a lot of money on it? Because it was a gift? Because you inherited it? Because it is a souvenir from a previous relationship?

These are all good reasons to let go of it! Give unwanted items to someone who needs them, to a charity, or a recycling center, honoring Earth when you decide where to take them.

Create an open space in your closet for a future partner’s things.  Add eight empty hangers to say “I am welcoming you into my life. I have space and time for you.” Make room in your drawers, too, creating equal space for your belongings and your partner’s.  Arrange bedroom items such as nightstands and lamps in pairs. Display artwork that suggests romance and intimacy. Anything that does not serve the bedroom’s function of offering rest and romance should be removed, including photos of friends and family.

The Importance of Symmetry and Balance in Attracting Love

Within those pairs, organize items of similar size. If one lamp on a nightstand is much larger than another, for instance, this will create an imbalance in the relationship. Whatever you do on one side of a pair, do the same on the other, even with nightlights and plants.

Your bedroom is the key to creating a sacred home that welcomes the love of your life. Televisions or exercise paraphernalia do not belong there. Electronic equipment should be placed in the office. Bedrooms support rest and romance, while tech items suggest hard work.

When choosing your color palette, remember earth tones soothe and ground you for attracting relationships. Small accents in the red spectrum, such as pinks, maroon, or berry evoke passion, but the bedroom should be neither too feminine nor too masculine. A nice balance invites both genders to feel comfortable, welcomed, and honored in the space.

Bed Position and Furnishings to Enhance Romantic Energy

To sustain your sense of being supported in life and love, position the bed so there is enough space to walk on either side, no clutter beneath it, and you can see the door when you lie down. Try not to sleep under a window or have the bathroom on the other side of the headboard. Think about your mattress: if you are single with a single mattress, you will stay single. A King size mattress does not encourage romance either. Queen size is perfect for love. Try not to sleep on a mattress from a previous relationship, but if you must, clear it with sage.

Incorporating Rose Quartz for Love and Compassion

Rose quartz is the gem for love, compassion, healing and romance. Place two pieces on your nightstand; carry the gem in your purse or car. As jewelry, allow your gem to rest on your heart. Place two pieces of rose quartz or two peonies—the flowers for love and romance—in the southwest area of your home, the area representing love.

Remembering the connection between romantic love and self-love, treat yourself lovingly every day. Use your best bedding of satin or silk; wear your best underwear and nightgowns; light your candles; buy yourself flowers. To attract love, be completely loving with yourself. Being in a place of self-love sets up a vibration that will attract and deepen romantic love.

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