Secrets of a Feng Shui Goddess

Secrets of a Feng Shui Goddess

By Amanda Collins

Considering we spend over 80% of our time indoors, it’s vital that our home is supportive and nurturing for us. When you enter your home, you should feel as though it is hugging and embracing you. Your home is merely an outward expression of what is going on inside its tenants. This is why it is so important for your home to reflect the life you want to live. I am always asked what the first step in feng shui is. Most importantly, I suggest that your home is clutter-free. That means getting rid of anything that is no longer serving or honouring you. This includes clothing you have not worn in a year, things that are broken, things you don’t need, use or love. Oh, and if someone gave you something and you do not love it, get rid of it. Clear it out and pass it on to someone that needs it, give it to charity or recycle it, always honouring Mother Earth.

Dress the home up like you are already in a loving relationship. Have all the items in the bedroom in pairs, night stands, lamps, etc. Make space in the closet showing you have time and space in your life for a relationship. Bring in artwork and statues that show a romance and intimacy. The bedroom is for rest and romance, and anything that is not serving this should be removed. Keep photos of your family, friends and past lovers out of your bedroom. This year, the southwest corner of your home is the area for love, so place some rose quartz and a small water fountain there.

Make sure your home reflects abundance. Get yourself fresh flowers every week. Make sure your front entrance is warm and welcoming to invite the energy into your home. Do not put a cactus by the front door; it will deter the abundance from coming in. Position your bed in the ‘command position’ and avoid sleeping under a window or overhead beams. Have a solid wall behind you, and be able to see the door from your bed.

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The same rule goes for your desk positioning: do not align the desk with the door, but be able to see it as you work. By doing this it allows your nervous system to relax so you can be more focused on what you are doing. This invites opportunities into your life, by not having your back to them. The southeast location of your home is for wealth. Place related items in this area.


Keep the kitchen clean and bright. Keep all EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) to a minimum and away from the bedroom. Replace old, digital alarm clocks with battery- powered clocks or keep your clock away from the bed. Let go of the microwave. Bring as much natural light and fresh air into your home as possible. Have lots of fresh, live plants to improve the air and beautify your home.

Invite all the elements of nature into your home; natural gems, gentle water fountains, fresh flowers, and natural sunlight for the fire element.

Create a special altar–an area where you can meditate, dream, journal–a special sacred space that’s private for you. Keep your toilet lids down to avoid spreading germs throughout the bathroom. Get rid of toxins and chemicals in your home.

The center of your home represents health, so make sure it is not cluttered. Live in harmony with the earth, be grateful, and love your home.

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