What is Quantum Qi and How Does it Heal?

By Pacific College - August 23, 2016
What is Quantum Qi and How Does it Heal?

What is Quantum Qi? Simply put, it is a process that allows your life force, or ‘qi’, to move freely throughout your body—bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance for vibrant health. The principles behind Quantum Qi are akin to acupuncture, but the process is more similar to Qi Gong.

Activating Cellular Intelligence: The Key to Quantum Qi

Quantum Qi is meant to allow you to activate your cellular intelligence. Feel present in your body. We usually live our lives “from the neck up”, meaning, we are usually in our heads. The idea is to give the mind its right place as co-pilot, while accessing your body’s innate intelligence for healing. Every human being has this ‘body intelligence’—it’s a natural ability, and its power to heal is profound.

There are many ways in which we disconnect form our body—an excess of emotion, trauma, and pain can make us live in our head. Emotions are of course normal, but when they brim over or become stuck and overwhelming, we attempt to problem-solve the emotion with our thoughts, resulting in that ‘living in your head’ lifestyle. Other factors that can cause us to disconnect with our body are toxins, stress, and a fight or flight approach to life.

Almost everyone defaults to a stress response at some point, but the key is to be conscious of this in order to maintain relaxation as the proper default mode. If we are always in a stress response—the fight or flight response, we cannot heal. Constant stress means that our bodies are tense keeping our body’s ability to heal in a choke-hold.  Being in a state of Quantum Qi does the opposite supporting proper flow and health. Turning our awareness to our body is the first step to activating the body intelligence.

Practical Steps for Engaging Quantum Qi

The first step is to turn your awareness low in your body—if you are in a chair right now, acknowledge how your legs feel in that chair; how your feet feel on the floor. If you practice and play with what this feels like in your body, you will become quicker to identify with your body (vs. your head), and closer to activating your body’s intelligence, allowing your body to do what it’s designed to do—thrive.

The second piece to this is breath—think of qigong: it’s a therapeutic system of breathing focused on how healing breath can be for the human body. In Chinese medicine, one of the ways we replenish our qi is through breath. Try a very simple qigong breath: breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This activates the two central channels in our body, which then gives access to all the channels in our body.

This allows your internal energy to move, but to release excess. Ideally, you want to achieve almost a wind sound on your exhale. The reason we want to pick up the intensity with this type of breathing and the strong exhale through the mouth is that it will create a bellows-like effect within your body. You aren’t just circulating your own qi, you are unfixing energy that no longer serves your system (emotional trauma, inflammation, and anything that doesn’t allow for homeostasis in the body), and allowing it to be released.

The third step is a softening of your body in such a way that the energy that you “unstuck” in your breathing has a place to go. So what does this mean? Softening your body allows this “stuck” energy to either be released from your energetic field, or to transform. We are not used to having the body be soft. We are used to it being tense or constricted. You might need to play with this process to get used to the feeling. What does a soft body feel like to you? A softened body is relaxed and conforms to what is around it. Imagine lying on a couch. With a soft body, you will fill the contours of the couch. With a rigid, tense body, you won’t.

Quantum Qi’s Contribution to Overall Health and Well-being

There are upwards of 50 different chemicals that are released when we are in a stress response, and this cascade of chemicals can break down the body over time. These three steps train the body to have a completely different response to stress—one that is not harmful over time, and actually promotes health and vibrancy. At its heart, Quantum Qi is about training the body to do what it does best; to perform at its full potential. In the words of a Chinese medicine master, qi activates the “place within where the most powerful medicine is stored.”

Quantum Qi is a technique that anyone can do regardless of current physical shape or health. This technique is complementary to holistic health practices such as acupuncture or massage because it is derived from the same Chinese medicine principles of energy flow and balance.

In her upcoming Quantum Qi course, Laurie Morse, LAc teaches the following:

  • Immediately applicable tips on how to engage Quantum Qi
  • Accessible ways to explain and teach Quantum Qi to your patients
  • Ways to practice Quantum Qi anywhere, even in public crowded spaces
  • How to use Quantum Qi Healing to release and recover from trauma
  • Simple ways to incorporate this into an acupuncture or massage treatment
  • The ongoing profound benefits of this ancient technique

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