Five Acupuncture-Friendly Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

We’ve talked before about how important social media is for recent grads who are building their practice. But are you taking full advantage of all that Twitter has to offer you? Getting your voice heard in the Twittersphere is important, but so is listening (Er…reading). There are some fantastic acupuncture-based blogs, news sources, and practitioners tweeting every day that you can learn from.

Check out who we think is worth a follow:

1. @Acupuncture2Day Acupuncture Today is the leading provider of acupuncture news, information, and research in the world.

What we love about it: Up to the minute acupuncture news that’s relevant and accessible. Acupuncture Today tweets links to each article it publishes about Chinese medicine. This publication also shares news about each acupuncture school and national acupuncture news, such as the continuing status of the recent White House petition to include acupuncture in U.S. healthcare plans.

Tweet of the week: BREAKING NEWS: Acupuncture One Step Closer to Medicare Inclusion:

2. @LotusWEBINAR  eLotus is an company dedicated to practitioners’ continuing education and Chinese medicine webinars.

What we love about it: eLotus provides a range of interesting information from acupuncture news to learning opportunities. They also have some stellar graphic images that instantly (and in a fun way) show Chinese medicine concepts (Check out the example below).

Tweet of the week: In Western Medicine the body is seen as a machine, you try to fix a broken part or take it out. In Chinese…;l=cdacd45d83

3. @MindBodyGreen Mind Body Green is an online publication featuring articles from all kinds of wellness experts, not just acupuncturists. The site is focused on natural healing and includes insight into acupuncture, reiki, nutrition, meditation, massage, crystal healing, and so much more.

What we love about it: By following and sometimes retweeting Mind Body Green, you can broaden your audience. The topics covered here vary widely, but they all have to do with a holistic lifestyle and natural healing. Full of positive insight, it’s information that anyone can use and most will be interested in.

Tweet of the week: 17 Ways To Shed Negativity And Achieve Happiness by@CynthiaBelmer on @mindbodygreen

4. @AcuTake  Sara Calabro is a writer and acupuncturist. She is the founding editor of the awesome website (which is now also a book), AcuTake. AcuTake is an online publication about acupuncture.

What we love about it: AcuTake takes big picture concepts about Chinese medicine and makes them totally accessible to the public. Not only are the articles relevant for practitioners, they also bring an awareness and understanding of the medicine to people who may not have had any prior experience with it.

Tweet of the week: AcuTake’s got the goods on this Valentine’s Day. Learn how to treat your special someone to an acupressure massage.

5. @cmtejournal  The Chinese Medicine Times includes Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine News, Articles and Forum for Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists. They are also an online retailer of acupuncture supplies, needles and more.

What we love about it: The @cmtejournal Twitter account keeprs practitioners up to date about all acupuncture academic research worldwide. Learn about new case studies, articles, reports, and awards within the academic field of Chinese medicine.

Bonus Twitters to Follow

@PacificCollege    @PCOMNYC    @PCOMchicago

Don’t forget to follow your alma mater! Each Pacific College Twitter account is unique to each of our campuses. We keep you in the loop about everything from acupuncture and massage news to campus events and local happenings. See you there!

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