Secrets of Longevity: Herbs, Remedies and Elixirs

By Pacific College - September 9, 2014

As the quest for the elusive fountain of youth continues, it is good to know that there are some herbs and remedies that are quite remarkable in supporting a long and vigorous life. Using herbs can help to sustain a long life as well as aid in keeping one healthy. There are some herbs that are beneficial in our search for longevity.

The Power of Adaptogenic Herbs in Enhancing Longevity

Gynostemma has a reputation as an anti-aging herb that has a long reign as the leading herb on herb charts across Asia. Often called the ‘miracle herb’, gynostemma is adaptogenic. Adaptogenic plants have an almost miraculous quality of being able to balance situations in the body. If the central nervous system is stressed and over stimulated, gynostemma will have a calming effect. If a person is in a depressed state, it will work as a stimulant. It is an anti-inflammatory and immune system booster. It protects the liver, lowers fat in the blood and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. Bodybuilders are enjoying the benefits of gynostemma, saying that they are able to workout longer with less fatigue

Ginkgo Biloba: A Time-Tested Herb for Brain Health and Vitality

In Rosemary Gladstar’s book, Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbs for Longevity and Well-Being, she lists ginkgo biloba as her number one choice for longevity. Geologists tell us that the ginkgo tree has been growing on our planet for about 150 million years. Brought over to Europe in the 1700’s by Chinese monks, there have been over 300 studies showing that ginkgo prevents many health problems from developing. You may have heard of the amazing memory enhancing and brain-aiding properties of the gingko leaf. It also helps to increase the strength of arterial walls and prevents blood clots. A common complaint of aging is dizziness. By increasing blood flow to the brain, ginkgo is a great remedy for vertigo. People have noticed changes in their vitality and brain function, with consistent use.

The Role of Colloidal Silver in Supporting Immune Health

Our body’s ability to defend itself from countless diseases can be a key to enjoying a long life. Colloidal silver was used as a germ fighter long before antibiotics were developed. Although an antibiotic can kill about 6 different harmful organisms, silver can destroy over 600. It can be used topically as a treatment for warts and is remarkable at helping the skin to heal from burns. Many use it as a tonic or elixir. Colloidal silver stalks a virus and then disables its ability to use oxygen. The pathogen then suffocates and dies, leaving healthy cells untouched.

In areas where longevity is noted, along with high-quality, natural diets, they often have local water supplies that are rich in silver. The famous healing waters of Lourdes, France are also said to have high traces of silver.

Spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life all seem to influence longevity. There is no magic potion that will stop the aging process for everyone. However, to encourage vitality, brain function and overall well-being, you might want to add these longevity boosters to your health regime.

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