Oriental Medicine Brings New Life to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers

By Pacific College - June 22, 2014

Fatigue is a common occurrence experienced by millions on a regular basis. However, fatigue is a constant Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom in what is often thought of as an underlying systemic illness. Additional indicators of CFS consist of flu-like symptoms, generalized pain and memory problems, and an inability to perform mental or physical activities easily. A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom can start small and escalate into an unmanageable problem.

Though the cause of CFS remains unknown, it is quickly becoming recognized as a serious medical condition. Based on recent studies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as half a million people in the United States suffer from CFS. And many others suffer the general Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom of constant tiredness.

Oriental Medicine Techniques for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Perhaps what is most frustrating about this illness is that there is no cure. Oriental medicine, however, has several techniques to manage each Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom , which are both safe and effective when administered by a licensed acupuncturist.

Focusing on the immune system, Oriental medicine combines the benefits of acupuncture, Chinese herb remedy and lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise and meditation. One benefit of acupuncture for CFS is that strengthening the immune system revitalizes the body, which is a powerful tool in controlling any Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom .

Studies show that the main benefit of acupuncture for CFS are the released endorphins, which can raise the amount of white blood cells, T-cells and antibodies in the body, which increase the body’s level of immunity. Chinese herbal medicine (an herb remedy ), which is one of the most sophisticated herbal medicine systems in the world, also helps to boost the immune system by creating more antibodies, which fight disease. Each benefit of acupuncture and herb remedy treatments has a marked effect on a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptom . Acupuncture and an herb remedy treat this illness by reducing the level of harmful hormones in the body; restoring the balance of hormonal regulation; reducing stress, anxiety and tension; regulating a distorted immune function and promoting body detoxification.

TCM Diagnoses and Acupuncture Treatments for CFS

Differentiation Signs & Symptoms Acupuncture Points
Excess Conditions :

Damp Heat Obstruction

Heaviness of the body, tired muscles, fatigue, poor appetite, chest oppression, inability to concentrate, chronic dull headache, thirst, dark urine, hot stools.


Greasy yellow coat


Slippery, rapid

St. John Treatment Points:

* SP 3 – tonify SP

* SP 6 – tonify SP

* SP 9 – resolve damp

* ST 36 – tonify Qi

* LI 11 – clear heat

* GV 14 – clear heat

* TH 7 – xi cleft point

* ST 8 – resolve phlegm effecting the head

* UB 22 – TH Shu

Deficient Conditions :

Qi Deficiency

Fatigue that is worse in the morning, weak muscles, weak voice, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, poor appetite, loose stools.





St. John Treatment Points:

* SP 6 – tonify ST/SP

* ST 36 – tonify ST/SP

* CV 6 – tonify Qi

* LU 9 – tonify LU Qi

* HT 5 – regulate HT Qi

* GV 20 – benefit the brain

* UB 20 – SP Shu

* UB 21 – ST Shu

Yin Deficiency This pattern may affect the LU, KD a/or ST.

Common Yin Deficiency signs: heat in the 5 palms, afternoon fevers, nightsweats, malar flush.

LU Yin: dry cough, dry throat, hoarseness

ST Yin: no appetite, epigastric pain, dry stools

KD Yin: fatigue, lack of will power


LU: red, peeled; ST: midline crack, imbalanced coat in the ST/SP area; KD: red w/no coat


Thin, rapid

St. John Treatment Points (with modifications):

* KD 6 – tonify Yin

* CV 4 – tonify Yin

* ST 36 – tonify Qi

* SP 6 – tonify ST/SP and Yin

* GV 20 – raise the yang

*If LU Yin – LU 9 & UB 13LU Shu

*If ST Yin – ST 44 & UB 21 ST Shu

*If KD Yin – KD 3 & UB 23KD Shu

Yang Deficiency Extreme fatigue, cold limbs a/or joints, weakness of the lower body, low libido, bright white skin, clear and copious urine.


Pale, swollen, wet


Deep, weak

St. John Treatment Points:

* KD 3 – tonify KD

* KD 7 – tonify KD Yang

* CV 4 – tonify KD

* GV 20 – raise the yang

* UB 23 – KD Shu

* UB 52 – strengthen willpower, toni

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