Acupuncture for Addiction Seminars: San Diego and New York

By Pacific College - June 15, 2014

Lianne Audette, L.Ac. and Registered NADA trainer, has been integrating acupuncture into drug and alcohol treatment settings for 14 years. In 2006, Audette brings her two-day acupuncture seminar to Pacific College Continuing Education programming both in San Diego and New York.

This weekend course, with some additional independent study, satisfies the didactic requirements for NADA certification and has been offered previously at both Emperor’s and Yo San in L.A. Clinical hours are also required for NADA certification and can be completed at sites like Lincoln Hospital and other clinics in New York. One benefit of Audette’s training program is that after the student completes the 30-hour segment of the didactic training, he or she will be eligible to complete the 40-hour clinical internship at a later date at an approved site.

The two-day program offers 16 CEU’s and covers point locations and functions for withdrawal symptoms, how addiction complicates TCM diagnosis and treatment, and how to differentiate disharmonies common to each recovery phase. Additionally, the student will learn applicable Western clinical science information, updates on addiction and learn the role of acupuncture in the criminal justice system.

Comprehensive Training and Career Opportunities

Other relevant topics include “the treatment community”: understanding the history of addictions, treatment models and current drug and alcohol treatment trends; the history of NADA: its philosophy and approach to addiction treatment, research and funding issues; program proposal, design and implementation; and ways to create a job for yourself in a treatment clinic. There are a lot of job opportunities in acupuncture addiction treatment, and this course prepares practitioners and students to be qualified for those jobs. The complex needs of a largely under-served population can be successfully addressed with the safe, simple, effective and affordable methods you will learn in this acupuncture seminar.

Audette’s experience spans day and residential addiction treatment, outpatient, and mental health facilities, drug court programs, and private practice. She is a consultant for the Betty Ford Center and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. As a NADA trainer, Audette offers acupuncture seminars to drug and alcohol treatment professionals about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and she educates acupuncturists about chemical dependency and addictive behaviors. As a complementary medicine practitioner, she integrates her knowledge of Western medical differential diagnosis, clinical nutrition, and holistic treatment with the principles and practices of TCM.

Audette holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition, is a naturopathic physician, and is nationally certified to practice acupuncture. She travels nationally and internationally giving NADA trainings and lecturing on Acu-detox and addictions.

For additional information on these Acupuncture seminars please contact:

Lianne Audette

Phone: (203) 467-0274 Email: [email protected].

Shannon MD Smith, Office of Career and Alumni Services – PCOM NY

Phone: 800-729-3468 Email: [email protected].

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